Monday, March 22, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Had a short conversation with two strangers that I passed by on my way to the daycare. It felt GOOD to chit-chat with strangers - something I had NEVER done before in my entire life! ;-D GO ME!!!

2. Running into this guy that worked in the city hall when I was working at the library. This guy has always had a smile on his face and it's always a PLEASURE to meet him. One time I even started a conversation with him on my way back home from the daycare. :-D

3. Hubby bought chili dip to eat with chips 'coz he knows how much I love chili. Honey, you're THE BEST!

4. Making funny faces with some of the "little people" in the daycare and playing Play Doh with them. It's FUN to play and be playful! :-d

5. This upcoming Friday we're planning on a "passion getaway" (read: a cheap getaway) to the cabin. Can't wait for it!!!

6. My colleagues said that I had done a good job in playing with the kids. --- though I know I can't do some things as well as they do (due to language limitations), but at least I know I've done something right and I'm thankful for their verbal confirmation.

7. Warm milk tea with honey on a cold day.

8. Having a good, reliable second-hand bike (esp. 'coz I can't drive) - it's very handy when I need to buy groceries and I can put them in the bags behind me (esp. 'coz now we live a little bit farther away from the city centre compared to our ex-apartment).

9. Hubby - for putting up with me after all this time, for being SO patient, for never pushing the wrong buttons in me, for making me like myself more when I'm with him.

10. Holding hands with hubby EVERY SINGLE TIME we watch something together - this habit still continues until now. :-D

11. Today when I said goodbye to everybody, a little girl jumped onto me to give me a hug (I knelt down right away when I realized she wanted to do that) and another boy jumped over and another one followed suit. I toppled over backward and managed to make a table shift over at least 10 cm away due to the kids' attack HE HE HE HE HE HE HE...but it made my heart SO warm! :-D

12. Seeing an older boy helping the youngest girl with her zipper. If I were his Mom, I'd have felt SO proud of him - he's so helpful even without being asked! :-D


  1. What a wonderful BT you had, Amel. Have FUN next Friday :D Thanks for your wishes for Jason. He is little bit better but still coughing :((

  2. I love these random BTs! I may steal this idea from you.

    Isn't there something wonderful about talking to strangers about anything in general? I have a few 'friends' who are outside of my 'circle', and while I wouldn't call them strangers, it's nice that they don't know the details of my there's no cloud of deep knowledge that we share with one another. Just two people chatting about light topics.

    have a great day, amel!

  3. Wow, Amel! I bet your day will never be boring with those little kids in day time and hubby in the evening. :)
    Have fun for the upcoming Friday. ;)

  4. Jul: Glad to hear he's doing better!

    Dana: The original writer of 3BT is not me. I have the link to her blog right below my header he he...

    Yeah, you're right about talking to strangers and about having no "cloud of deep knowledge" about one another. :-D Have a great day as well, Dana!

    Henny: Yeah, never boring indeed at the daycare he he he he...

  5. great stories, Amel. I love 3BTs!!