Monday, March 01, 2010

Interesting First Day

It was only -15'C in the morning, so I biked to the daycare (it took only 15 minutes by bike but if I walked, it'd take 30 minutes - I'll be able to bike faster in summer when there's no snow left, but the snow makes the trip slower). Arrived there and had a bit trouble finding the classroom ha ha ha...'coz there were at least 4 classrooms there. Anyway, there were already about 8 kids there (2 of them arrived later) and I got introduced to their names, though I still can't remember all their names (even though I remember their faces).

It was really an interesting, fun day though it had its moments when some of the kids quarrelled, but it was still very much under control. It's very interesting to see those kids with different personalities. The kids in my classroom are 4-5 years old (two of them will have their 4th birthdays soon, but let's just say they're 4 years old). There used to be 3 years old, too, but not anymore.

I'm rather fond of this one little boy who's really sweet. I knew he was sweet the first time I stepped inside the room 'coz right after the teacher greeted me, he did the same (he heard her say my name, so he said my name too). And during the time the kids were allowed to play outside (skiing, skating, etc.), he played with me for a bit. At first he was tempting me, "You can't catch me" while I helped clean up the snow from the skating rink, so then I caught him and walked away...but he chased me and grabbed me (hugged me), and said, "Got ya!" and we kept playing this game for a while he he...

Some awkward situations happened, too...before lunch, one of them started telling me something and another one wanted to do the same and I was confused which to listen to ha ha ha ha...but I've learned to tell the second one to wait for a while until the first one's finished doing it. It's enough practise to listen to ONE kid telling me things, but having to hear TWO kids telling me stories in Finnish is just too much ha ha ha ha...

After they took a nap, they could do role play by wearing different costumes...the sweet boy ran around and hugged me a few times and said, "Got ya!" Ahhh...he really made my day he he he he he...(and yes, you bet I remember his name HA HA HA HA HA...)

So as you can probably guess, I'm THOROUGHLY enjoying this training despite some tough moments, e.g. when one kid wanted to use another kid's costume and the kid didn't want to give it and I had to try my best to reach win-win situation without causing anyone to cry ha ha ha...Oh are some questions I got today:

1. Why are you here? (They wanted to know why I came to the daycare)
2. Why is your hair black?
3. How old are you?
4. Where do you come from?
5. Are you coming again tomorrow? ----> *BIG GRIN* THANK YOU, kids!!!

Can't wait to meet them again tomorrow and learn more about them he he...


  1. looks you had a great time surrounding with kids.

  2. that sounds like a great job to have!! It's always a good thing when you can enjoy your work.
    I hope things continue to go well there; they sound like a good group of kids.

  3. I'm glad your first day went well ...and that you want to go back for a second! hahaha!!!

    Can't wait to hear more! <3

  4. Glad it went well and they asked if you were coming tomorrow. Oh just realised Dana above has said that! Never mind, I guess I can say it too!

  5. @All: Yeah, it was really fun at the daycare, though sometimes I get confused hi hi hi...