Sunday, March 14, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby called me to find out where I was. Note: I had a call from a friend who needed my help ASAP, so I went to her place right after work and didn't have time to tell R2 about it. 'Coz I always got back home straight from work, he was confused where I could be and he was worried about me hi hi hi...

2. TEMPEH!!!!!!!!!!! Oh glorious tempeh!!! THANK YOU to my friend's Mom who brought me some frozen tempeh from the UK when she came here for a visit.

3. Having fun chit-chatting with my friend and her Mom who visited me while bringing my tempeh HO HO HO HO...

4. Cooking the said tempeh yesterday and today - I gave yesterday's tempeh for my in-laws. Today's tempeh I cooked with garlic, sweet soy sauce, coriander, lemongrass, tamarind, salt, pepper, and chili seeds.

5. When I let MIL guess what it was just by looking at it, she thought it was something made out of rice HI HI HI HI HI...and she liked it! :-D

6. Having fun trying out different forms of origami - some of which I had learnt years back but forgotten, some others I've only begun trying now. It's really therapeutic!

7. Finally R2 was impressed with one type of origami that I made he he he...

8. Dealing with the kids at the daycare makes me appreciate my parents in a whole new level 'coz they'd had to put up with us (esp. since I was such a naughty child).

9. Eating tempeh with warm rice this morning and enjoying EVERY single bite of it...mmmhhh...

10. Excitement 'coz I want to try making my own tempeh in summer (I have the tempeh starter now WHOOOPPEEE!!!) - hopefully there are hot days he he he...


  1. Wow, you have all the ingredients to make an authentic tempeh dish!

  2. That food looks good! I've never had it before?
    I also love the way you appreciate so many things in your life.

  3. I love tempehs too? especially when cooked spicy. yum yum.

  4. Hi Amel!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Amel. :)
    Most of all, I really thank you for the word of comfort. :)

    Anyway, I love tempeh, too. :)
    It's been long time that I haven't had it. :p

  5. @Henny: It's the second time I've tasted tempeh in Finland. The first time a friend sent it to me from Southern Finland HE HE HE...Lucky me! :-D Again UR VERY welcome.