Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hectic, Fun, Funny

I've been helping out at the daycare for 4 days now and every day I realize that each child carries potentials. If they take wrong decisions in the future, they can get into lots of trouble. I realize even more the roles of parents, teachers, daycare teachers or daycare nurses, or any adult available nearby. They would help shape the children when they're small.

Here are some things that have happened at the daycare:

1. The first day the smallest girl in the class didn't dare do anything much, but on the second day she'd poke me with her finger and then she'd want to sit on my lap. On the third day as well she sat on my lap a few times.

P.S. I found out later on that there was another small girl, but she only came today - the kids don't come every day so the number of kids in the classroom varies daily. I'm still somewhat confused with some of their names, esp. those who've only come once or twice (those who don't come every day). It's easier to remember the girls' names 'coz they have different hair, but it's harder to remember the boys' names 'coz there are many more boys there.

2. On the second day, one boy (not the boy I mentioned in my earlier post) hugged me with both arms when I came into the classroom - when I said "good morning" to everybody. That day he kept on hugging me every now and then with both arms - and he'd do that for a few seconds at a time (not a rushed hug).

3. One boy asked me to read a story from a book he chose, but a few minutes later he lost interest ha ha ha...another one did the same and again it happened. He then asked another girl to play My Little Pony with him in the corner and when I approached, he told me, "You can't play with us. Go away." LOL LOL!!!!!

4. There have been some hectic moments when some kids quarrel and I have to think first on what to say 'coz I have to understand the situation first - it's not easy to understand what the problem is when two or more kids complain about something at the same time - in FINNISH! So usually I end up letting the teacher or the daycare nurse take care of the situation 'coz they can understand the situation faster than me he he...

Other than that, I think the situation is still under control. One of the helpers there ends her training tomorrow, so we'll see how I manage to take over once she's gone he he...but I've been enjoying myself and I look forward to going there every day. I call one boy The Smiling Boy (I didn't say this out loud to him or anyone else except R2) 'coz whenever our eyes meet, he'd give me the BIGGEST GRIN ever. I LOVE seeing his face he he...

It's interesting to see different personalities in the classroom. One boy is a sore loser. When there was a race outside the other day, he came back sulking and pouting and almost crying and saying to the teacher about the winner, "He's stupid!" Of course the teacher reprimanded him, but I guess he'll have to be taught about "playing is not all about winning" over and over again 'coz today during "gym" he also got upset when he lost...oh dear hi's funny but also understandable in a way.

I haven't had time to blog-hop 'coz I get tired after coming back home and then every other day I have to cook and sometimes go to the supermarket first, so I just don't want to do anything much. But I promise I'll blog-hop during the weekend, OK? I should also clean up the house tomorrow. I've got a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen, but I don't want to deal with them yet he he he he...


  1. Hey Amel,

    Your new job is so cute, although challenging (cause dealing with children is never easy) :).

    Never mind blog-hopping: you do it whenever you feel comfortable. :D Know though that we miss you.


  2. Hope you'll keep enjoying the job! The kids sound very sweet. I think this is a kind of a job that can actually be more rewarding than others, and that it's something that might suit you :)

  3. Sounds really interesting! You really do enjoy the job, I can see that.

  4. Max: Indeed it's challenging. Good thing there's a teacher and a veteran daycare worker in the classroom, so if I have trouble, I can always ask them to take over he he he...

    Bitter Chocolate: Yeah, it's rewarding and every day is different. :-D

    Blur Ting: Yep, I look forward to going there each day and I don't feel like having to hurry home, either he he...