Monday, March 22, 2010

A Mother's Instinct

While blog-hopping, I came upon a blog idea he he...When I was in High School, we went to Bali on buses and then a ferry. On the way there, our bus had an accident. Apparently the driver was sleepy, so our bus hit a car. I don't remember anymore what had happened, but it was surely rather serious, 'coz the car was small and our bus was HUGE. If I remember correctly, the car driver and passengers had to be taken to a hospital.

At that time most of us were sleeping 'coz it was such a LONG way from Bandung to Surabaya, but the noise woke us up. We didn't really feel the impact of the collision 'coz it was a huge bus, but we heard people talking outside and the bus had stopped moving for a while. In each bus there was at least one teacher, so we didn't have to deal with anything.

The bus driver had to go, so there was a LONG delay while we waited for the bus company to send another bus driver to drive us to Bali. We were supposed to arrive in the hotel in the evening (or late evening), but we finally arrived at around 3 am.

The next day, the students wanted to call their parents, so we all went to phone kiosks and we queued to be able to contact our families. Back then there were no mobiles yet in Indo, so we had to do it. I couldn't talk too long with my Mom 'coz there was a long line of students behind me, but when I told Mom about the accident, she said, "Oh, no wonder I was SO restless and I couldn't sleep well. I could only fall asleep after around 3 am."

Coincidence? Probably a mother's instinct he he he he...


  1. I do believe in this thing called mother's instinct!

  2. Maternal instincts - a POWERFUL bond between mother and her children.


  3. Blur Ting: Yeah, I know you would. :-D

    Gallivanter: THANKS for dropping by and yeah, maternal instinct is very powerful. :-D