Thursday, August 26, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby for being who he is, someone who really dampens out my ability to be angry at him.

2. Grateful for being on the same page with him.

3. Hubby's soft lips. :-D

4. An old guy asked me today at work if he could return the bras he was going to buy for his sick wife if they turned out to be not suitable for her. It's just heartwarming to see that he takes care of his sick wife.

5. Hubby's smooth cheek and chin after shaving - lots more fun for kissing sessions! ;-D

6. Bought a tiger cake today 'coz I've been craving for some cake HA HA HA HA...

7. Meeting my friends today and practising some Finnish (not just chit-chatting in English).

8. No internal storms.

9. Getting some more compliments about my Finnish and having some time to chat with a few customers when the store wasn't too crowded.

10. Finding a cheap shower curtain with a cute design - I'd been wanting to buy one, but they were all over 10 Euros. The one I bought today was only 5 Euros. YAAAAAYYY!!!!

11. Harvesting my first batch of kang kong and cooking them. They're SO delicious! The first time I'd ever eaten kang kong in Finland he he...THANK YOU, Ting, for the seeds!!!!

12. Taking a nap together with hubby...yummy!!! ;-D

13. Being able to get SMS from my Mom again. Her provider had been wacked for about two weeks, so she couldn't reply my SMSes, but now it's been working fine again. YEEESSS!!!

14. Calling Mom on Skype for 2 hours and hearing her stories about Ken and his development. Boy, that little Hulk has learnt so many things SO FAST!!! ;-D

15. Getting notification from PO that the poster has arrived and tomorrow I'm going to get it after work. Hope it turns out GREAT!!! I'll take a pic of it later on to show you HO HO HO HO HO...


  1. Beautiful things indeed, Mel! =) I had a smile on my face when I read no. 4. *sigh* I had a talk with hubby too, and it is really great to know we are still on the same page. YAY! =) You had kang kong??? ARRGGHH!!! So glad for you! hehehe..I have to remind myself to brought some seeds with me when I come back. =)

  2. I'm telling your item on #1 is very very priceless and of great, value to have someone who can calm or soothe you and you don't work yourself into bigtime anger. That's awesome
    I'm glad you found a cheap shower curtain, but from my experience, some of those cheap shower curtains will only last a couple months. We used to buy them quite often and they start with a small tear which just keeps getting bigger & bigger & bigger......

  3. Kang kong? Sounds like king kong... :) I must go and do some googling.

  4. Those things are really lovely, Mel. :)
    Btw, where did you get the Kangkong seeds? I've been thinking to plant Kangkong, but don't know where to get the seeds. :o

  5. May all nice and sweet things continue to come your way. Life pretty much depends on how we view the circumstances around us.

  6. Love ur list, Amel. have a green hand :D

  7. Shinta: Yeah, better get some seeds from Indo. GLAD to know you're also on the same page with hubby. :-D

    ChicagoWing: Yeah, I know, Vince, that's why I wrote it down as the number one on my list he he...Oh no...I hope the shower curtain won't get ruined too fast, but we'll see...

    Rita: LOL LOL!!! You made me laugh out loud ha ha ha...Hope you found them online then!

    Henny: From a blogger friend who lives in Sgp. I'll tell you later via email.

    WaterLearner: AMEN to that! :-D

    Jul: Well, I'm still a newbie in the gardening world he he...but I'm glad that I seem to be doing OK so far ha ha...

  8. We call it kang kung and usually cook it with prawn paste hehee...