Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lost Brain

Do you ever feel like someone just sapped away all the words out of your mouth? Or in a blogger's case, your brain? I don't know why but it feels that way lately...maybe 'coz I've been trying to do something else that requires another part of my brain and that's been exhausting, though FUN at the same time.

So you probably wonder what I've been doing, eh? Well, I've been trying to create a collage of summer photos for my in-laws. At first I was thinking whether it would be best to print it out on canvas or as a poster, but after asking for ideas from some friends and asking R2's opinion, last night I sent the picture through an online photo service in Finland and ordered a BIG poster (70X50 cm) along with the frame - 'coz it's hard to find big frames here in this small village. I'm going to give it to my in-laws as a gift for their new apartment.

I just want them to have some summery photos in their new place and I also included a picture of their house there just in case they miss it. (Yeah, they've paid for the new apartment and they'll probably move there before winter comes) The photo should arrive within 10 days, so we'll see.

It's really tiring to create a collage 'coz I had never done it before - so after HOURS of hard work, when we tried uploading it to the site's online uploading system, turned out the size wasn't I had to redo it...after redoing it, the height of my collage was still a little bit over the required size, so this time R2 came to the rescue 'coz by that time, I was already too frustrated to do anymore editing work ha ha ha ha ha...

What made the process so long was that there were hundreds of pictures to choose was tough just to decide which ones to be included in the collage...then arranging the pictures and resizing them also took time he he he now you've probably felt bored reading all these details and you just want to see the result, eh? HA HA HA HA HA...

OK, here goesss...the result of half a day's work (at least it took that long):

I had to add the last row of photos at the bottom due to my stupid mistake (creating the wrong photo size in the first place). I know this collage looks really "crowded", but we hope that if we print it LARGE, it won't look too crowded anymore and they can see the details in the smaller pictures. I'll let you know when the framed poster arrives, OK?

Now I have some movies to watch he he he he...yep, I still don't have to work today, so I'm gonna relax. It's been COLD during the nights these days (below 5'C), so autumn is definitely in motion. I'll blog-hop later on...


  1. Now it looks good, Mel. :)
    I don't think it looks too crowded if you print that large. Plus, all the pics there have the hint of green colour and that green colour makes it looks less crowded. :)
    So, well done,, Mel! :)

  2. Henny: THANKS, Hen...It looks so summery, doesn't it? I did deliberately picked every picture that has green on it he he he...

  3. That's so sweet of you and I really like the idea of you doing the collage with the old house pix. I'm sure they gonna love it and appreciate all your hard work. Good job, buddy! ;-)

  4. Very well done, Mel! I really like it! See, you are creative too! =)

  5. Rita: Glad you liked it. :-D

    CMG: Yeah, my MIL isn't a picky person, so I'm sure she'll like it he he...I just hope it's not too big for their new apartment ha ha ha ha...

    Shinta: HA HA HA HA...THANK YOU for your compliment!!! It was REALLY fun to make it - though frustrating too ha ha...

    Ting: Well, I have so much spare time at hand and it was really FUN! :-D

  6. Oh that's lovely Amel! I was thinking I'd like to make a collage for my mom-in-law of her in the middle with all her kids, etc (she has four grandkids and six great grandkids!)

    You've inspired me to work on that again. :-)


  7. Michelle: Hey, I was inspired to do this by someone else and now I reminded you to do yours he he...the blogging world is a funny, inspiring world! :-D

    Four grandkids and 6 great grandkids? WOW!!! Bless her!!!

  8. This is a really nice idea for them. Certainly good that you can buy the frame with it.. as you say.. it IS difficult to get things like that here in Sodankylä.

    I did a similar-ish thing years back for my Mums 50th birthday present. It was a mock front page of a newspaper all about her.. and I had to find appropriate pictures to go with the funny 'journalism' that the company wrote about her! Great fun!

    I am sure they will love their gift and moreover, the thought behind it.