Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Repeat A Day

One blogger friend posed a question in Facebook: "If you can repeat a day in your life, would you do it? If so, what would it be?"

I didn't even have to think twice. I wrote the answer, "YES! I want to repeat my wedding day!" LOL!!!

It was such a beautiful day and everything went out so smoothly. The other day I was browsing through my wedding album and honeymoon album again and I felt a wave of sentimental feelings washing over me...mmmmm...

I still remember it like it was yesterday, when we exchanged wedding vows in front of my priest and my family and friends. Those moments everybody else seemed to disappear, like in the movies when the camera zooms into the couple and other people's voices and the music faded out in the background...nothing else mattered except the promise we made between me and him...

I remember how handsome R2 looked like - he still is!!! But that day was special 'coz there was this twinkle in his eyes and he was wearing a suit and a tie...so dashing!!! I remember feeling especially pretty despite the "wound" on my toe...

OK, now I'm rambling...my point is that I'd like to ask you the same question, my friends...what would your answer be? ;-D


  1. Lovely Wedding's photo of yours, Amel.

    My answer would be: the day that Jason was born :D

  2. Jul: THANKS!!! I knew your answer would be that he he he...:-D

  3. Yup you look so sweet and he looks simply dashing!!!

  4. Yeah, I think it would have to be the day we got married too.. I do remember lots of it.. but not enough.. after 22 years!

    I would say when I gave birth.. but I don't fancy the pain again.. just the nice parts! Plus that would be two days!

    The only other day.. would be the day that Mark told me how he really felt and asked me to marry him... It was an interesting evening to say the least! ...and where I was when he asked me, was not exactly the usual. Ask me when you see me! :D|

    Aahhhh great memories...xxxxxxx

  5. Nice photo, Mel! =)

    For me, it''d be my wedding day as well..hehehe.. =D

  6. What a stunning picture. You both look lovely.

    I've had lots of great days I would want to repeat, I've also got lots to look forward to which I know will be worth repeating!

  7. Thats a beautiful picture. I feel the same exact way as you. The happies days of my life was my wedding day and the honeymoon.
    So much to remember and cherish!!

  8. That's such a lovely photo. And my goodness, the wart!

  9. Wow! Lovely wedding pic, Amel. :)
    Well, for me also, it was our wedding day. :)