Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bad News, Good News

Haven't been feeling too well. Not too bad, either...but just a little bit weird. Autumn is coming for sure and flu bugs are everywhere. I asked hubby to coin my back just now and it feels GREAT!!!

Update on my parents' health: Mom seems to be OK now, though she has to be careful with what she eats. Dad went to the lab again for a second check-up and this time my bro took him to an internist instead of a GP. The lab results were all fine (no more protein leaking in the urine, glucose level is OK, blood pressure is OK), BUT the internist said that his left lung's capacity has down gone down to 31% only and his right lung is swollen, so he's on medication and he's told NOT to get too tired.

The good thing is that he's NOT stressed about it. He even said to my family, "Look, all the other results are good, though." However, my bro and wife are worried that my Mom might worry too much about Dad and that might cause her blood pressure to peak I still need your prayers for my parents, THANK YOU!!!

Another piece of bad news is that my camera's flash isn't functioning. When we go to Rovaniemi sometime soon, we're going to try to find a place where I can get it fixed. I browsed online and someone said that we only need to replace something, but it's better if the pros do it. So we'll see about that!

Photo taken from here

Now on some good poster has arrived and I think next time I'll know better, 'coz a little bit of two of the pics are cut off, but other than that I'm pretty pleased about it. However, I think next time I should use Photoshop or something like that to maximize the color contrast - 'coz it's not printed as a photo, so it seems to me that the better the color contrast is, the better the end result would be. We're going to take it soon to my in-laws' place, so we'll see how my MIL likes it. ;-D

Today I got a VERY nice surprise. You see, the other day I was thinking of buying a pot of flowers from my workplace, but I restrained myself from doing so due to my shopping budget. Today when I worked at the cashier, a customer said, "I've got a surprise for you." I was scanning the pot of flowers (the type that I had wanted to buy for myself: Celosia Caracas) and then he said that it was for me, "for my good service" - that's what he said.

I was SO touched (still am)!!! It was really thoughtful of him to do that and said that ON purpose. I TRULY appreciate it. He really makes me feel encouraged to know that at least in his eyes, my service is good enough.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bad news: your parents' health and the camera. :( I'll pray for your parents, though.
    Hope that you can get the camera flash fixed.
    Well, I'm glad that you've got the nice surprise from the customer. You really have done well there at work. :) Congrats, Mel. :) So happy for you. :)

  2. So sorry about your parents' health. Will definitely be praying! Don't worry yourself too much though, ok? *hugs*

    I agree about the camera. Better get pro fix it. Hope you find a good place that can help you with it. =)

    Oh my..just reading about your customer touched my heart too! So thoughtful, bless his heart! =) Well done, Mel!!! =)

  3. Hope your dad's condition will improve. My prayers go to both of them. Oh, I wish I could see the flowers you've mentioned, too bad your cam isn't working. Hope you'll get it fixed soon. :-) Bless the customer. It feels great to be appreciated. :-)

  4. Your parent's condition is improving and will get better. I think the flash problem can be fixed. And so lucky of you, to receive the flower of your choice!

  5. I hope your parents get well!

    Plants/Flowers for work place always add life to your work environment.


  6. I'll pray for your parents' health, and I hope you stay healthy too. I usually get sick in the winter rather than the fall.

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  8. Sorry to hear about your Dad Amel. Really nice to hear about your customer though! :D Lovely!

    Hope you got your camera issue sorted today..and that you got your chinky takeaway!

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  10. THANK YOU for all your prayers and support, people!!!

  11. Amel,

    I shall pray for your parents, darling! Worry not!

    Big hug to you!

  12. I am sorry to read about your dad. I hope both your parents have more peaceful healthy months ahead this year.