Thursday, August 12, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Hanging out with friends and having fun talking and laughing and eating ha ha ha...

2. Blogger's automatic spam detection 'coz I've been getting lots of that lately in my comment box and spam is REALLY annoying!

3. Sending an overdue thank you note to someone who really deserved it and knowing that the person appreciated it.

4. Chatting for a LONG time with a friend with whom I hadn't chat in a LONG while.

5. Meeting my MIL in my workplace and having time to give her a proper hug 'coz there weren't too many customers at that time.

6. Orange jelly pudding - I could make it using the powder sent by a friend who just got back from Indo. THANKS SO MUCH, Hen!!! Other than that, she also sent me some other food stuff. YUM YUM...

7. Getting a full-month paycheck today (though I only work part-time) and knowing that they've sorted out the problem with my tax card, so this time my salary didn't get cut 60%. PHEW!!! It felt GREAT getting a full-month part-time salary for the FIRST time ever!!! ;-D

8. Going to save some of the money right away 'coz I need it to apply for Finnish citizenship next year - feels GREAT to know I have the money already for that purpose stashed in my bank account he he he he...

9. Being tucked on the sofa by hubby when I was about to take a nap a few days ago - and I did NOT ask for him to do that, mind you!

10. Tucking hubby on the sofa before his naps - but mostly what I enjoy even more is watching the smile on his face when I do that. It's a special kind of smile...

11. Haven't met any rude customers despite the fact that I do make mistakes sometimes.

12. Nice, proper sleep...long sleep...What a bliss to be able to sleep well at nights without experiencing trouble to fall asleep!

13. Sore muscles from boxing with Wii - AND having hubby scratch my back for me 'coz it was too sore for me to reach my arms back to scratch the itch away by myself.

14. Talking to my family in Indo via Skype and webcam and even voice chat.

15. Chili. THANK GOD for chili and for making it even more enjoyable to eat food he he he he he...

16. Watching beautiful clouds spreading across the great blue sky...


  1. Hahaha! I love that you are thanking God for chili! =P Woohoo..congrats on being able to apply for Finnish citizenship!!! =) I have 5 more years to go (if we don't move anywhere else, that is). =)

  2. Glad that you were able to get the full-month salary. :)))
    As for the Finnish citizenship, well, I still have one and half years more to go..but I'm still confused whether I should apply for it or not. :o Anyway, good luck, Mel..and pls let me know how it goes.
    Btw, I'm happy that you like the jelly pudding. :) hehehe...

  3. 2 things that stand out are customers are nice even if a mistake is made. It's so nice to deal w/ people who are understanding. Also, I love getting enough sleep too :) !

  4. I love your lists. Lots of nice things to be happy about.

  5. Chatting with a friend who gets you is really the best thing ever. I love your list it really is true

  6. Arghh, I hate spams. Normally, I'd just remove them, but I can see they're spamming on our chat box, too. Congratz on your first month full salary. :-))

  7. Love your lists, Amel.

    I likes with no. 2 also :D