Friday, August 06, 2010

Two Beds and a Coffee Machine

I watched Precious the other day and I was surprised to see Mariah Carey in the movie he first I didn't recognize her. I was doubtful if it was her 'coz she had dark hair and she didn't look "bling bling", but after a while I knew it was her 'coz I recognized her voice. The movie is serious, but I enjoyed it as well as the hopeful ending. I loved the fact that she managed to break through...

Anyway, here's a song that's related to the issue of child abuse by one of my fave bands, Savage's called "Two Beds and a Coffee Machine":


  1. MB and my kids watched the movie last week for the 1st time. I watched the last half. Wow, what a mother she had. I was shocked at how quickly her mom tried to change her story just to make herself look good. I was surprised about A LOT OF THINGS!!

  2. Love the song!! First time I heard it. hehehe..Wanna watch the movie too. Hope I can find the DVD somewhere...Its not a new movie, is it?

  3. I love Mariah Carey's voice. I'm not sure about the movie/ her acting, haven't watched it. I like a few songs from Savage Garden, too. I never heard this one though, but lovely song... :-)

  4. I like Mariah Carey too!! Powerful voice.

  5. I love Savage Garden! :) I like what you're doing.

  6. Hey Amel,

    I haven't watched Precious yet, but I know it is a good movie (I am looking forward to watch it).

    I hope all is well with you, darling! We are frying here in Portugal (it's too damn hot)!


  7. Vince: Yeah, the mother in the movie is quite a character. I felt sick by watching her treat Precious that way. Ugh...

    Shinta: I don't think it's a new movie. Maybe last year's movie he he...Glad you enjoyed the song! :-D

    CMG: Yeah, it's a lovely song. I think Mariah did OK on the acting part ha ha...

    WaterLearner: Yeah, she's got some lungs he he...

    The Seeker: THANKS for your visit and comment. :-D

    Max: I'm sure you'll enjoy watching it. We're doing GREAT, THANKS...frying? Oh it's gotten cool again today, but the weather report says it might be warmer tomorrow for at least a few days. We'll see.