Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Work + New Apartment

Had work shifts this weekend and then yesterday went to my in-laws. We helped them move some stuff to their new apartment after we had sauna there. Not sure yet when they're officially moving to the new apartment, but they're not really in a hurry. At least now they can move things up to the new apartment bit by bit.

When we got there, I liked the place already. It looks cozy and it's located in a peaceful area. It's not too big nor too small for the both of them. My MIL wants to buy a new sofa to spruce things up, so the living room is still empty except for the carpets and a small TV table and an old armchair that she had kept for years. She wants to bring their rocking chairs there, but I think the living room would be too small for them, esp. 'coz she wants her computer and her computer table there as well as the new sofa.

Let me show you the pictures of the living room and the bedroom. The apartment is about 55 sqm and it has a small sauna (just like what they want 'coz they love going to the sauna just like most Finns). I think they're going to enjoy living there in winter (esp. 'coz they don't have to clean up the snow from the yard nor take the firewood back and forth from the shed to the house) he he...I sure DO hope they're gonna enjoy living there.

The kitchen area is big enough to put a rectangle dining table for 4 people - you can also put a fifth table on the other side of it. MIL has also brought two pots of flowers there to make the place look more inhabited and soon she's going to test-drive the place, I guess. I mean, she's going to try to sleep there one night to see how it feels like. Of course first she needs to fill up the place with enough utensils and food and other stuff, too he he he...

I can't wait for my poster (the photo collage) to arrive. It should be sent to us tomorrow, so I hope the postal acts quickly in sending me the notification 'coz I want to bring it to her already this Saturday if possible. :-D :-D :-D


  1. I like the apartment too (from what I can see!) hehehe..It really does look cozy. =)

  2. Yup, the apt looks cozy..well, at least for me. :) And it's good that they don't need to clean up the snow in the yard anymore. My friend who own a house told me that they hate spring, becoz they need to clean up the snow in the yard and it's just so tiring. :o

  3. I like the floor (first pic)

    How convenient to be able to move in gradually, and not on one day!

  4. It sounds perfect for them. I bet they will love living there.

  5. I love the living room, yeah, it does look cozy. :-) Sounds like your MIL is going to like their new home. :-) Hey, I hope your photo collage arrives on time. :-D