Monday, March 05, 2012

Wedding Party

I've been so busy lately. Last week I had work from Monday till Thursday, then on Friday I left to Kuopio to attend a wedding party there. Well, the party was scheduled for Saturday, but it took about 8.5 hours by bus and train to go there, so I had to leave early. I came back tired yesterday and I think I have a slight cold now. It's 22'C inside but I still feel cold. Good thing I don't have work today nor tomorrow, so I can rest fully. It was a tiring week, but the party went so well.

When I arrived in Kuopio at around 8 pm, it was already on the plus size and apparently it had rained A LOT the day before, so there was slushy ice everywhere. The next day was again a very sunny and bright day and there was slippery ice everywhere. Thankfully all went well and nobody fell down on ice.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I took. The wedding ceremony and party happened in Koivumäen Kartano, Kuopio. Such a charming manor with great food and wine. :-D

I spotted this lovely painting of the manor inside, so I took a pic of it he he...The manor's second floor is used for the family to live in, so they use the first floor for restaurant/coffee shop.

We were the first group of people to arrive (except the bride and groom and their family members), so I took some pics while it was still empty he he...

The guests sit here in a U-shaped dining table. The whole place and decor just made everything feel different. :-D

This is the dance room and you can see the spot for the band.

This is what you see in the front after you enter the entrance where there's room to hang your jackets.

This photo below is on the left side of the above photo. There is a staircase on the left side of this fireplace.

Two delicacies made by an Indo friend along with the bride: pineapple cookies and lemper.

I REALLY REALLY love this spot below. The door on the left side is the door to the dance floor.

The menu is written in 3 languages: Polish, Indonesian, and Finnish. :-D

The appetizer...yummy...

The main menu:

For dessert there were 3 types of cake: strawberry, a kind of chocolatey Polish cake, and then a kind of Indo cake. The band was great, the guests had fun dancing and I had fun watching them and taking pics and videos ha I should start blog-hopping again. :-D


  1. What a beautiful, classy looking wedding! Glad you had fun, and I hope you get some rest. :)

  2. wow... looks so luxe wedding :D far 8.5 hours on the way...

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. very interesting! But the journey - 8.5hrs - so long!!

  4. @Elena: Yeah, thankfully I have 2 days off before I have to work again. Phew! :-D

    @Juliana + Ting: Yeah, we do live far up north, so it takes a long time to go to the south by bus and train he he...

  5. Wow... what a beautiful place! And the food... oh those cakes!

    ;-P droollll

  6. @M: Yeah, it was a really lovely place. An old manor with its eccentricities he he...Wish I had enough room in my belly to eat all the cakes, but I only had room to eat a big slice of the strawberry cake he he...