Friday, March 16, 2012

Under The Weather

Been feeling under the weather for some time (esp. after my trip to my friend's wedding), but this week it got worse. Finally went to the doc and got signed off for 3 days. I'm tired of feeling weird on the head - it's like a light-headedness/light headache that comes and goes as it pleases. However, tomorrow I have work but fortunately I can rest after that 'coz the next time I have work again is on Monday. If this light-headedness continues, though, I'm gonna go to the doc again.

At least I've stopped feeling cold (no fever, though - I haven't had a fever for the past 4 years no matter how unwell I feel). For a few days I had been feeling cold most of the time even though indoor temperature is never cold. I had to put on a few sweaters and three pairs of socks even. Last night I kicked another blanket that had kept me warm the previous nights.

Woke up with a very sore throat and R2's been infected, as well. Oh well...hopefully the bugs will soon go away and that R2 won't feel worse 'coz soon it'll be his birthday (next week). It'll suck if he gets sick on his birthday, esp. after he managed to get a day off that day!

While riding my bike back from the clinic, though, I ran into my neighbour - the gentleman (an old guy) smiled, took off his hat, and greeted me while kicking his kicksled. That was SO sweet! :-)))

Speaking of birthday, I had either chickenpox or mumps when I turned 8 and I had to rest in bed for over a week (or was it close to two weeks?). Anyway, I was really bored and I felt crappy 'coz I had to be sick on my birthday. At that time my uncle (Dad's youngest brother) came for a visit and he brought a gift for me. I was SO surprised and touched that I cried my eyes out, you know? My uncle was totally confused he he he he...

Anyway, I'm gonna go rest some more. My brain still can't cope with anything too heavy, though I do have plenty of other topics to talk about, but they shall wait. Have a healthy, safe, and wonderful weekend, people!


  1. Haha, I have a similar story about when I had chickenpox! I was 5 and in bed for over two weeks. There was this really neat thing going on at school where the letters "q" and "u" were going to get "married" in a huge wedding ceremony. (It sounds so crazy when I put it into words, but it was a way to teach us that, in English, the letters "q" and "u" are usually paired together.) I had been chosen to play the letter "u." I hoped and hoped that I'd be better by the time the event came around, but, alas, I wasn't. But then, my friend, who had taken my place as "u," came over to give me some candy and goodies from the show. I remember being sprawled in my mom's bed and getting very, very excited about some candy a little white veil.

    Anyway, I hope you and R2 start to feel better very soon. Get the rest you need! :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear you feel so unwell. I wish you better, and RT for his birthday.

  3. I hope you get well. Can you take aspirin, tylenol or ibuprofen to get rid of pain in throat??
    I have found that 2 tablets help; you have to remember to take on a full, rather than an empty stomach.

  4. You poor thing - rest up, and get well soon. If your throat is still hurting, try drinking hot water infused with fresh grated or sliced ginger - I find it works a treat every time (and will hopefully get you feeling warmer, too...)

  5. @Elena: THANKS for sharing your story about chickenpox. I never heard about the wedding of q and u. Fascinating! :-D

    We're both feeling better, thanks. I'm still not 100% better but next week should be a rather easy week (that is, unless my coworkers start getting sick one by one - 'coz two of them have started being sick).

    @The World According to Me: THANKS for your birthday greeting. I'll let R2 know and don't worry, I'm feeling better already. :-D

    @Chicago Wing: Yeah, I did take some ibuprofen, thanks. One tablet is enough for me 'coz I'm not a big person hi hi...

    @Katriina: Yeah, I did rest a lot during the past few days, thanks. And THANKS for the tips on hot water with ginger. The throat is feeling MUCH better - I suspected the culprit to be the coughing medicine from the doc 'coz after I woke up, very thick phlegm (sorry for the gory detail) came out and after that my throat felt SO much better.

    I guess the coughing medicine did the trick very well, though - by collecting my phlegm during the night despite the fact that it made my throat painful.

  6. In here, lots of people are getting sick as well. Glad to hear you are getting better :D

  7. I enjoyed the Q and U story too! In the UK we used to have assemblies like that too. I remember being an Apple once! A green one with a red patch on the side... We were all different apples! LOL... The things you remember.

    Unfortunately it was summer time when I got chickenpox... so I had no time off from school as we were on holiday already! I was also about eight years old.

  8. @Jul: THANKS. :-)

    @Mrs. Rainbow: You had that lesson, too? were an apple? I was a star once when I was in kindergarten hi hi... had chickenpox in summer? Bugger!!!