Sunday, March 18, 2012

MIL's Birthday

Yesterday after work went straight to MIL's house (R2 picked me up, so I walked to work with my spikes 'coz it's been getting slippery here in Sodankylä). MIL's friends had just left the place when we arrived. I wanted to go buy flowers, but alas the florist was already closed by the time I finished work. Doh!

But anyway, we did bring her a gift he he he's a suitcase! She doesn't have any good, big enough suitcase and she's planning to travel with some friends later in autumn, so we decided to buy her a suitcase (I couldn't think of anything else that she may need). She was shocked to see the big cardboard box that we brought to her place ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...but she was happy to get it. I hope the trip won't be cancelled - she's booked a trip for next month with her friends, but it's cancelled 'coz of lack of participants.

Anyway, MIL had received plenty of flowers was nice to see so many flowers in her apartment he he...we had lunch then she made coffee and took out a cake. Yum are some pictures I took.


  1. Your MIL looks like such a sweet person!

    Oh, and it's not even 10 am right now, but I would kill for a piece of that delicious-looking cake :)

  2. @Katriina: She's a really wonderful MIL. Couldn't have asked for a better one. She's like my own Mom. :-D

    The cake does look delicious, doesn't it? HE HE HE...

  3. Wow... that cake! :-))

    I love the photos. I can see now that your MIL gave R2 his smile. :-)

  4. @M: Yeah, R2 does resemble his Mom, eh? :-D

  5. I have to say that I have not really noticed their resemblance so much in the past... but I can REALLY see it in this photo! It is a really lovely photo of K too. :D

    I presume that the other 3/4 of the cake was eaten by you.... ;D Mrs Appetite! LOL!

  6. @Mrs. Rainbow: She looked refreshed and happy in the photo, didn't she? :-D

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't eat that much cake 'coz we had just eaten lunch together when she brewed coffee to take with the cake. Besides, before we got there, she had some guests already so they had already started eating the cake he he...

  7. Yes, she looks like a really nice lady! And the cake looks so good.

  8. @Blur: She really is. :-)))