Thursday, March 29, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. Reading this sweet post-it note that hubby left on the inside part of our front door:  

2. Just realized it the other day that I'm already halfway down till my retirement age. :-D

3. Having been diligent enough to force myself to keep on translating the Finnish book no matter how hard it is. This story I'm currently translating is definitely tougher than the previous ones!

4. Knowing that my friends and family members are safe despite the demonstrations going on in different cities in Indo due to the fact that the government will raise the prices of gasoline.

5. MIL came for a visit and we had a nice, long talk about many things, including funny stories about her cows. :-D

6. She could even explain to me one particular word that nobody else knew (I had asked around to other Finnish people in Facebook) hat I found in the book I had to translate. YEAHHHH!!!!


  1. You can do it! I bet your translations will be stellar. :)

  2. good communication is a beautiful thing among people in love.

  3. You sound so happy, Amel, with lots of joy and love in your life.

    btw, your MIL has cows? like, actual real cows? wow!

  4. PS: Like Elena, I know you will do an amazing job with your translation. The fact that you are taking so much trouble with difficult words is proof of that.

  5. @Elena: THANKSSSS for your support! :-D

    @ChicagoWing: That's true, that's true.

    @Katriina: My MIL was a farmer at one point in life. She's retired once, but yeah, she had plenty of cows in the past. :-D

    THANKS for your encouragement, as well! :-)))