Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. The other day at work a grandma gave me a bar of chocolate!!! :-D For no reason whatsoever! BLESS YOU, mummo!

2. Another grandma said to me, "You don't need to dye your hair at all 'coz you've got a really nice natural colour already."

3. Starting over a new blog to help me discipline myself in practising written Finnish 'coz I'm getting really rusty in that area. And R2 has promised to help me edit my texts. :-D

4. Slices of reindeer meat beef hanging in one corner of the house - which will then turn into yummy kuivaliha (dried reindeer meat). Can't wait to eat it!!! :-D

A customer thanking me on how I handled an incident that had happened in the past involving her and me - I had forgotten about her already, but she remembered me.

6. Spending a few blissful days at home together with hubby (he'd done lots of overtime, so he took some time off).

7. Delicious pizza that hubby bought on his birthday. Plus I didn't need to cook ha ha ha...


  1. I bet that meat will be great! :)

  2. @Elena: Yeah...but I was wrong. It wasn't reindeer meat, but beef ha ha...

  3. mmm... in South Africa they do dried meat cured in spices, salt and vinegar called "biltong" Very yummy!

    Your customers sound like they all want to mother you a little... nice to have all that love aimed your way. :-)

  4. @M: Ohhhhh...the South African version sounds really lovely. Would love to try it. Here it's just salted.

    Yeah, there are so many retired people here so I feel that they do want to mother or father me a little hi hi hi...Lucky me, I suppose. :-)