Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I almost shed some tears when the newlyweds had their first dance. They danced along this song:

I had never heard the song before, so I looked it up online and found out that Michael Buble sang it.

That took me back to the past when R2 and I were separated for around 4 months after our wedding and honeymoon due to paperwork. It felt SO hellish. It felt as though my body was in Indo, but my soul was in Finland already. I had never felt that way before in my life. The separation was choking me and Michael Buble's song spoke to me during that time. I felt like screaming along with him "Let me go hooommmeeeeee....I'm just too far from where you areeee...I wanna come hooommeeee..." he he he...

Anyway, enjoy the song!

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  1. Rami and I were separated after we were married, too. It was horrible! I get the sentiment. :)