Friday, October 19, 2012

3BT: Random Days

1. I almost dropped a doughnut while taking it out of the bag. R2 and I were sitting in the kitchen at that time, about to drink coffee. I saw R2 smiling after I almost dropped the doughnut. 

Me: "Hey, don't smile 'coz I almost dropped the doughnut!"
R2: "I'm not smiling 'coz of that. I'm smiling 'coz I'm happy. After all, I have you!"
Me: (awwwwwwing inside) "Unfair! That's an unexpected response!" (smile)

2. Made some banana-chocolate pastries for my coworkers which became a hit (and I could share with them how easy to make it, too). Glad to know they liked 'em! :-D

Recipe: a box of frozen pastry (mine has 5 sheets of frozen pastries), some bananas, and some chocolate. Let the frozen pastry out in warm temperature until it's soft, then cut them into thin strips (around 2.5 cm wide) then cut a banana in half. Wrap the half banana with the pastry strip diagonally until it's all covered. Do it until you're out of pastry and bananas. Bake them in the oven until they're golden brown. Let them cool off for a while. Then melt some chocolate (I prefer dark chocolate around 200 grams) with a little butter and smear it on top of the pastries. All done! :-D Result: 10 banana-chocolate pastries.

3. A customer saying nice stuff to me that made my eyes wet. BLESS YOU, each and every single one of you! I'm REALLY blessed by your words!

4. Talking to Mom on Skype after she got back from Taiwan with her friend. Glad to know she had fun and that she only felt a little unwell once during a bus trip but after taking some anti motion sickness pill, she felt much better.

5. The very slow translating project I'm doing for a customer is nearing its end. Only about 20 pages left, though I still have the big task of editing my translation, but it's always nice to know that a project is almost ending. :-D It feels like almost completing a marathon (not that I've ever been in one, though).

6. Being able to enjoy Winter Wonderland scenery this month already. Even though the snow has mostly melted now, but it was such a treat!

7. Start listening to Christmas songs already....HO HO HO HO HOOOHHHH...


  1. I knew you could handle that translation project! I'm glad it's nearing its end. Do you think you'd ever want to work as a translator again, having done this now? :)

    1. THANKS, Elena, for the support! :-) I actually need a break from translating a book now ha ha ha ha...I was always this way when translating in Indo: in the beginning I started fast, then in the middle it got rather slow (well, it depends on the book but the more interesting it got, the faster I did it), and near the end my speed rose again 'coz I could see the end ha ha ha ha...

      I think when it comes to translating books from Finnish to English, it depends on the book and the style of writing and the subject matter. With this book I'm translating, there are things I know nothing about and it takes a lot of time to research about it and find out what it's all about before I can finally find the proper terms. That said, it's a really good way to FORCE yourself to not only understand the gist of the sentences/paragraphs in Finnish for yourself, but to really be able to make other people understand them/be able to visualise some descriptions in English.

  2. Amel, I'm so impressed at your translation efforts! In Japan I sometimes did shorter translations (10 pages or so) but never an entire book. I can only imagine what a huge effort that would be, though surely very satisfying once you'd finished. GOOD ON YOU!

    As for the pastries, they sound totally delicious and not too difficult. As a household, we are crazy about bananas, so we'll be giving this one a try!

    1. THANKS, Katriina. I'm more impressed at my customer who gave me a chance to do it. :-) Yeah, satisfaction is a guarantee once the project is done. :-)

      HAVE FUN trying out the recipe! Hope your family loves 'em! :-D