Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reindeer/Moose Recipe

I thought I'd post this recipe just in case somebody's interested in trying to try cooking the meat Finnish style he he he...It's not that complicated!

(Fried Reindeer Meat)

500-600 grams of reindeer/moose meat
100 grams of butter
approx. 2 dl water (1 dl = 100 ml)
approx. 1 tsp salt
black pepper to taste
some beer with 4.7% alcohol level (approx. half a can)

How to Cook:

1. Cut the meat into thin slices. My hubby says that it's best to do it when the meat's still half frozen.

2. Dump all the meat in the pan and stir-fry it with butter until it's brown and add pepper and salt to taste.

3. Add water bit by bit and make sure to check on it every once in a while so the meat's not dry. Keep it simmering with medium heat for approximately an hour.

4. Add beer during the last 15-20 minutes (enough beer to soak the meat). Hubby says that beer will tenderize the meat.

That's all you need to do. Not hard, isn't it? It just takes time to let it simmer he he he...I've followed the recipe once, but I think I added a bit more water to the pan. Hubby says that if you put too many spices when you cook reindeer/moose meat, you'll take away the original reindeer/meat taste, so just make sure you only add black pepper and salt to taste. You can eat it with anything you want, either potatoes or rice. GOOD LUCK and bon appétit!!! ^_________________________________________^


  1. wow.. I guess I want your strawberry cake.. not a recipe.. hahaha.

  2. Hi, Trin!!!

    HA HA HA...I wish I could send some of the strawberry bread via mailbox he he he...;-D

  3. Sounds good, remind me sometime to send you the one for my walnut cake, if you like walnuts that is he he he !!!

  4. Hey, Amel!! I know you'd do it, but just to let you aware that I've inserted an additional note in my recent post the 'Pink Penguin'. :)

  5. Sindi: Walnut cake? I'm afraid I don't like walnut, sorry...but I'd love to read the cake recipe. ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: Okie dokie, Crystal. I'll check it out again! ;-D

  6. Not sure if I will try this one...he he he...

  7. Choc Mint Girl: Why not? Is it hard to find reindeer/moose meat there? If it's not, I tell you that it's VERY DELICIOUS when it's cooked this way he he he...You can't even taste the beer! Well, I never tasted beer 'coz I don't like the smell he he he...but this dish is TASTY! ;-D

  8. Maybe someday ;D. Actually, when I was small my mom seldom cooked reindeer meat, only my dad used to bring the meat home and cooked with his own style (he he...) and drank beer with some relatives. Now, I rarely eat reindeer meat, once in a while in a restaurant. The last time I ate was in Jan this year, cooked with ginger and soya sauce if I'm not mistaken :)

  9. Choc Mint Girl: least you've tried eating the meat. ;-D Reindeer meat cooked with ginger and soya sauce? Hmmm...maybe someday I should try it he he he...

  10. oooh, that sounds good and we get red deer meat here so I could maybe try it on that. :-)

    I bought venison/deer hamburgers last month. I just fried them in a pan. They were YUMMY!

  11. Hey, M!

    Yeah, go ahead and try it, esp. if you have the meat already he he he he...and tell me later on how it goes. ;-D

    Deer hamburgers? Never tried turning the meat into burgers, but I can imagine the taste...MMMMMM...

  12. Hi I seen your recipe on the Reindeer and Moose I was wanting to know is the grams on the butter how many tespspoon it is also reindeer meat is another name for deer meat right :) my hubby just started hunting last year and i am not sure how to cook any of the meet. lol this is all new for me and your recipe look easy (hopefull) thank you stacy

  13. Hey, Stacy...yes, reindeer is the same as deer he he he...

    When it comes to measurements, I found it online:

    1 Tablespoon of butter = 15 grams

    So 100 grams of butter is approx. 7 Tbsp of butter.

    GOOD LUCK in trying this one! Yes, it's pretty easy to make (I've just learnt to cook but the first time I tried cooking it, it went fine). It just takes quite a while to let it simmer he he he...

  14. Thank you so much for the measurements and were i can find them at hopefully ill get to try out the recipe thats if my hubby gets a deer. hahahah have a good day

  15. Stacy: UR welcome. Hope your hubby manages to catch at least one deer so that you can try out the recipe he he he...GOOD LUCK and have a GOOD day too!!!