Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Vote, First Snow!

Last night it snowed for a few hours at least, so when we woke up today it was Winter Wonderland. However, the sun has been out today, so some of the snow has melted. Here are some pics I took with my camera's battery hasn't been recharged, so these will have to do for now ha ha ha...Temperature today: 0'C. Last night it was 1'C when it kept on snowing.

First pic: One of the churches here.

Second pic: I've ALWAYS loved these red berries when they're covered with snow. It makes an interesting contrast. :-D

Third pic: Along the bridge over Kitinen River. As you can see a few autumn trees still retain their leaves, though most of them have already been bald since weeks ago.

Fourth pic: The bridge over Kitinen River.

Fifth pic: The snow makes an interesting pattern, don't you think?

Sixth pic: Photo taken from the bridge. That's Kitinen River. Oftentimes the water has ripples or waves, so it's really nice to see its mirrory effect today. Looking at it makes me feel serene...*sigh*

After work, I went to vote for the local district election. This is the first time I've ever participated in something like this. I did this kind of thing once in Indonesia and there was a long line of people, but today there were only two people before me and one after me hi hi hi...It went so fast. :-D I feel more "useful" now as a citizen 'coz I'm giving my voice. It doesn't matter even if my candidate doesn't win he he he he...

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