Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Scale of the Universe + Intouchables

Yesterday R2 sent me a very cool link. I LOVE the fact that it doesn't only show the scale of the universe, but if you click on each object, you will be able to read some info on them, too. Plus the music is very soothing. :-D

Here goes:

I've also been meaning to give a movie recommendation, but I kept forgetting about it ha ha...It's a very touching story based on real life experience of two men (of course there are some changes to the original story, but it's still worth watching!). It's funny in places, it's heart-wrenching, it's poignant...The actors playing both men were REALLY convincing. I just loved it...It's called: Intouchables.

Here's the trailer:

I searched for some info on both men after I finished watching the movie and I just love what I found. :-D If you want to know more, click here to read about the original two men, but if you're considering watching the movie, you should only read the info after you've watched the movie. :-D

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