Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Somewhere In Time Part 1

The author of this blog will be absent until the beginning of next week as she is busy preparing for her Finnish test this Saturday. She thanks everybody who has been very supportive. She TRULY appreciates her blogger friends.

She'd love to tell a little secret, too, though! She says that she's been reading Japanese comics online every now and then to help release the tension due to the upcoming test HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...*wink*

She's going to her in-laws on Sunday instead of Saturday, so she won't have much time to blog until Monday. She hopes that everybody will be in good shape until she comes back to the blogosphere. She misses everybody SO much!!!

She'd love to share this story with all of you as she doesn't want her blog to be boring...

Somewhere In Time Part 1

The stories of people's lives intrigue me, impress me, induce me to feel a mixture of emotion churning inside me. Recently I have heard glimpses of other people's lives and that made me feel that I had been living quite a protected life. It also made me wonder about the crossroads in our lives. Had we chosen a different route, everything would have been SO different. Had our parents chosen a different route, would we have been born on earth?

This woman whom I had recently met decided to open up to me about her life. She said, "When I first met my current husband, I didn't love him. My first husband left me for another woman when our second daughter was only about a year and a half. I worked too hard and that drove us apart. Then years later I met an expat who was interested in me. We became a couple, yet one day I found out that he had a wife. I broke up with him right away.

From then on, my trust in men gradually became lower and lower. Building a relationship based on love becomes such a stupid thing to do for me. It even crossed my mind to sell myself for money. After all, I needed the money to support my two daughters. I never really did it, though it did cross my mind a few times.

But then my current husband found me and he asked me on a date. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, whereas I sometimes go to the bars to drink a little and have fun. He didn't mind that, though. We went on several dates and finally we got married after I got to know him for a few years.

Things were rough in the beginning, though. His family didn't accept me right away. I cried a lot and asked my husband why they didn't accept me. It took them a while to open up their hearts to accept me. I think one reason was that my husband had never had any girlfriend before he met me. He just lived to work and he even worked on weekends. I told him that when we got married, I didn't want him to work too hard as I wanted to have some quality time with him, as well."

I nodded and nodded while listening to her story. Her family life history was a tragic one, as well. She lost her mother when she was young, then her Dad found another woman who was only interested in his money. After some time, the other woman left him to be with a richer man. Then in the end her Dad died due to some illness. One brother died to some illness and she lost a sister due to a car accident. Another sister died from drowning as she was swimming after she got heavily drunk.

Her story made me feel amazed. I feel that life has forged some people into warriors and warrior princesses. Whether or not you choose to be negative and bitter and pessimistic, it's all up to you. It's supposed to be easier to be thankful when everything is fine and smooth, but the fact is that we are prone to grumble and grumble and grumble. It's so easy to lose perspective on the most important things in life and scrutinize all the little things in life with a magnifying glass.

Humans are fascinating. Have we really learnt so much more important things compared to those cavemen? Are we so much more sophisticated than them when we're still struggling to understand what happiness means? When our technology creates more problems as well as giving more solutions?

Questions, questions, questions...I shall continue next time with another story. Until then, adieu, my friends, and take care!


  1. I wish you the very best on your Finnish test. I'm sure you'll do well.
    You story was very intriguing. I know personally those who have been hurt by others in a relationship and it left them very bitter. It's sad, because they would be so much happier if they weren't so bitter. But they have their reasons and many times they don't change, even if change resulted in a better life.

  2. Mel, wish all the best for you, your plan, your in-laws, your marriage, your test.. your weekends, your comics.. LOL

    God has a certain plan for each of us, and it is to fulfill His bigger plan... that across the miles, across the time, across the generations...

    This story reminds me of the life of Naomi and Ruth.. Naomi has a bitter life, she even wanted to be called Mara... means bitter.. she lost her hubby, and her two sons.. has to travel from Moab to find some food... but then, Ruth follow her and married with Boaz, and after some generations, their grand grand child is David, the King of Israel... :-)

  3. Hi ! passed the test ? sometimes, when i feel down, i listen to others, and realise how lucky i am.

  4. Amel, all the best to you test...

    Love & luck to you all the way from the sunshine island.... :)

    When you are done with it. Come on over to see Amos' little achievement. I'm on my way to saving bucks on diaper soon. He finally poo inside the toilet bowl... wahahahaha :D

  5. Good luck with the test! Keep us updated.

    Interesting story. It does seem some people have many tragedies thrown their way, while others sail through life unharmed and unaffected.
    But people who do not suffer pain are not necessary happy people. I do think happiness, to a certain extent, comes from inside the individual.

  6. Best wishes for a great test score!!

  7. good luck with your test.. i wish you all the best

  8. Hello Amelia,

    I wish you good luck for your exam :D! May the Angels be with you, dear :)!

    You asked if your parents had chosen a different course in life if you would have been born? My answer to that is: yes, if it were your destiny to be born. The only difference is that you would have had different parents, a different family...

    What a tragic story indeed...
    I do not know what to say about it cause my vision of life (under the perspective of mysticism) is slightly different than most people, which might shock most; so I will refrain myself from making any comments. Still I wish her all the best and that may God be with her!

    Girl, take care and bring us good grades!!!! :D


  9. Hey, buddy! For this post, I'll leave you with all the best wishes you may need. Focus, focus... he he... GOOD LUCK, buddy!! Take good care!!! :)

  10. Amel,

    I wish you all the luck in the world on your test.

    The story called some where in time was awesome. I just loved it! It is also the title of one of my favorite movies.

    God Bless and Have a great week :-)

  11. A tag for you after the test (hope you did well!)...

    How Do You Feel About Me

  12. Good Luck to your upcoming test! You can do it!

  13. Hey just wanted to wish you good luck on your test :) I know you will do a very good job. also wanted to say that I miss hearing from you. good luck

  14. Amel, if you have time, I post a mini series about true story of a pilot.. catch up later ya? Meanwhile my prayers are with you!