Thursday, April 24, 2008

Relaxation Weekend

Been busy again. Soon I'm going to bake some sausage bread to bring tomorrow. Tomorrow our class is going to visit the gold mine and the stone museum and we ought to bring our own food. Everything else is free, though HE HE HE HE...

And tomorrow evening we're going to Kelujärvi to spend a night there since my in-laws are going to Pori with Arttu's second brother to visit the eldest brother. Since their living room uses a wooden fireplace, we're given the task to warm it up and to water her plants. ;-D

At first Arttu thought that we'd just pay a visit on Saturday. His mother suggested that we could stay there a night, but he thought that it would be a bit boring to do. However, I managed to change his mind HA HA HA HA HA HA...YYYEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

After all, we do need some quality time WITHOUT computers around. *GRIN* It'll feel like a quick weekend getaway for me ho ho ho ho...and maybe we can bake pizza or something there in their fireplace on Saturday. Or if we're lazy, at least we can cook some sausages in there. YUM YUM...

I CAN'T wait for tomorrow!!! But that means that I'll only be able to blog-hop again on Sunday or Saturday night, so wait for me to returnnnnnnn...

In the meantime, now it's time to bake some breaddddd!!!! :-D

P.S. About my friend in the last post before this one...she's doing better after crying for two days. The biggest problem is that her best friend had done something so awful to her that it had literally crushed one of her dreams for her own future. No wonder she was so upset!!!

After all, having one huge dream crushed due to someone you trusted with all your heart, someone to whom you had given much help, is more than enough to shatter one's world to pieces. I DO hope that later on she can rebuild that dream or create new ones. :-D Who knows that things might actually be better than she expected much much later in the future, right? One has to keep hope inside one's heart. ;-D


Is it a habit in your country for a married woman to change her surname into her husband's surname or use a double surname?

In Indonesia, that's not the case. I don't think I've known anyone who changes her surname into her husband's surname. I DO want to do it after hubby and I got married, but the bureaucracy process would take some time to finish and I didn't want to wait longer in Indo. After all, I had to report the name change and then change my passport and everything else, so it would be such a hassle. I'll just wait until I get Finnish citizenship to do so he he he...


  1. well in our country,philippines that is,when a woman marries someone she usually changes her last name to the husband's surname. :) albeit all the legal documents the wife needs to go thru in the end it's still worth it isnt it? :)

  2. here in netherland, before i got netherlands nationality, i used 2 surnames. but after i got neth nationality, i may choose which surname i want to use, your own surname or husband's surname.

  3. Hallos Amel,

    Have fun baking! A weekend without computer is good! I agree! A good time for quality bonding!

    For the Chinese, the lady would take the husband's surname after getting married. In today's modern world, some would take double surname. When I married my husband, I thought that I would have to do that too! Only to realise that the Burmese have no surname. And it's not their culture for the lady to have to adopt the man's name, too. So, I am still the same :-)

  4. thank you stoeny said thanks and hi my life ids going ok but hi love you

  5. Hm.. in neighborhood, I am called Ibu Hendra.. hahaha.. just like ibu ibu arisan. but my name is still the samelah.. no change at all..

    happy baking! I barely bake..can't bake..lousy baker.. bake dummies.. hahaha

  6. Sausage bread sounds wonderful! I can almost smell it!

    Like what Water explained, some women use their hubby's family name but I know lots of people,like my good friends, who still use their own name.

  7. Hey Amelia,

    How are you, girl? :D
    Ah, I wish you a wonderful field trip with your class :)!

    Weekend at your in-laws sounds great; you did well to make Arttu change his mind lol.
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend :(...unfortunately that kind of situation happens more than one would think; but all she has to do is rise and keep on walking this road called life. She will see that everything will be just fine in the end.

    About your question: yes, in Portugal (and in Mozambique) women add their husband's surname to their own name, if they want to. If they don't want to they won't; but the majority adds their hubby's last name.
    Here all you have to do is (after the marriage) to take the marriage certificate to the registrar and change your I.D. name and marital status and that is it. In one week you will have your new document proving your new status.

    Gorgeous, I wish you an excellent weekend: have fun ;D!


  8. What the meaning of the name..hihi:) I never bother about it till this time.

  9. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  10. Very timely question!! It was discussed in a newspaper column. The name of the newspaper (based in Chicago) is the Red Eye. The columnist said she wasn't changing her name, and her fiance' said he didn't mind.

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  12. have a nice weekend, Amel. Love to hear the story later :D

  13. Have a great weekend. Here in the USA most women change to their hubby's name (I Did). and some choose to hyphen the names.

  14. I wanna to learn to bake bread too. Sausages bread sounded good for me since Zac likes it. Care to share the recipe with me?

    Looks like a fun weekend for you. Enjoy yourself at the gold mine. Take pic and show us. :)

  15. I knew you would be missing buddy! But still can't help coming here to wish you a good weekend. Hope you are having fun!

  16. Long time no see hehe..

    In regards to your friend... It's most unfortunate, as I do not know the entire situation. But eveyday, I see something that reinforces my cynicism that trust is there to be betrayed....

    As for your question, I actually never thought about this area lol.. But I'm guessing it might be in China and in Australia as you see much of that :)

    But I'm sure it's almost self preference.

  17. WhoIsMarc: THANKS for answering the question. :-))) I think for the people who think it's important to do, then yes, it IS worth going through the bureaucracy process. ;-D

    Jeanne: So you've got Netherland citizenship already? GREAT! ;-D

    WaterLearner: The Burmese have no surname? I see. Interesting info!!! :-D

    Kelcey: Love you too, girlfriend! ;-D Hope you've been doing well.

    Trinity: Ah yeah, almost forgot that in Indo they sometimes call the wives "Mrs. (Hubby's First Name" HE HE HE HE HE...

    Don't worry about being a lousy baker since you're an AWESOME Mom! ;-D

    Blur Ting: THANKS for adding more info about the name change. The sausage/cheese bread was GREAT! ;-D

    Max: Hey, Buddy! I've been doing GREAT, THANKS! ;-D The trip was nice but cold HA HA HA HA...

    And you're right about betrayal. Many betrayals in the world indeed. Such a sad thing. :-((( And you're ABSOLUTELY right about rising and walking on towards her future. ;-D

    THANKS for answering the question. ;-D One week is enough to do it, eh? I don't know how long it'll take to do it in Indo he he he...Wish you an excellent weekend, too, Max! ;-D

    Nyumix: Yeah, I know what you mean. ;-D

    Liquid: THANKS, I've been enjoying my day. ;-D I'll come visit you soon. ;-D

    Vince: My Aussie friend changed his surname into his wife's. ;-D

    Jul: I'll write about the gold mine later he he he...

    Kasper: So you changed your name? OK, GREAT!!! ;-D THANKS for answering! ;-D

    Janice: I'll have to re-find the recipe before I can tell you...but it was just a recipe for plain white bread. However, I decided to add a sausage in the middle and cheese ha ha ha ha...

    I'll post pics about the gold mine later! ;-D

    WaterLearner: Hey, Karen, THANKS for visiting me again!!! ;-D Yes, I had fun with Arttu at my in-laws. ;-D

    Shan: NICE to see you again! ;-D THANKS for sharing your POV. I think sometimes we trust people too much and give them opportunities to do us harm. Some trustworthy people won't break our trust no matter how enticing the opportunities are, but unfortunately some people do break it 'coz of the opportunities they see.

    Yeah, I know that about the name change it's almost self-preference, but I'm just curious what the majority of people in a country or area do about it he he he...

  18. In my country most women keep their first surname and add "de" and the husband's surname. "De" literally means "of".

    I didn't keep my surname because it is actually two so if I added hubby's I would have had two names and three surnames! :) So I decided just to keep his :)

  19. Regardless what your surename is (whether you are using yours or your hubby's), you are who you are from the day you were born. I don't see it's important to change your surename to your hubby's. Just be happy to be who you are. ;)

  20. La delirante: it's the tradition in your country, eh? INTERESTING!!! :-))) WOW!!! You have two surnames already? HE HE HE HE...SO RICH he he he...

    Katja: THANKS for your two cents...I understand what you mean...but officially speaking, I have no surname since when my Dad registered me in Indo, for some reason they didn't let him add his surname. Weird, isn't it? ;-D So Listiani is actually my middle name he he he...

    Another reason why I want to add hubby's surname is just because. :-))))