Monday, April 14, 2008

A Foodie's Website!

By now most of you probably know that I'm a foodie. I love browsing for recipes online and trying out new recipes. Unfortunately I haven't had enough time to try out more recipes lately, but I've found another good recipe site for you to try in case you love cooking and baking. And if you're also fond of sharing your own recipe, you can become a member of this site and put up your recipes there.

What I love about this foodie's website are these:

1. They provide complete nutritional facts for every recipe. Thus if you're truly health-conscious, you can search for the most suitable recipes for your needs here. Plus if you want to know the nutritional values of a recipe for FREE, then you can submit it to this website.

2. A very practical glossary. The words are highlighted, so if you're a newbie in cooking and baking, you don't have to search high and low for explanations.

3. Readers can submit their own reviews. I've always loved this about a food website. After all, even though people have different tastes, but if more people mark the recipe as a great one, then I'll be more liable to try it he he he...

4. They have ALL KINDS of recipes on their site, starting from appetizers, salad, sandwich, diabetic recipes, vegetarian recipes, etc.

5. Becoming a member is FREE!!!

Even if you're already an expert in cooking and baking (like my Mom), sometimes you want to try other people's recipes, right? Then this is the right website for you to go to, especially if you're planning to have a party and you want to try making or baking something different. You can also discuss ideas to make new recipes and cooking and baking techniques with fellow members.

Ahhh...on my free days later on, I'll make sure I drop by this site again to try something out. Why don't you visit this site, too? ;-D


  1. Thanks for the link! I'm going to look at it in more details and get some ideas for my next cooking day!

  2. The World According to Me: GREAT!!! I guess I'll read it later when you've tried any recipe from that site he he he...;-D