Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Out of Breath

Why out of breath? Today after work I decided to ride my bike to the school I'd go to next week when my Finnish classes start 'coz I wanted to know how long it took me to cycle there from work. There was a part of the road that was slightly uphill and I was running out of breath. I'm telling you that cycling is NOT easy, especially when there's snow (I guess it's kinda like biking on sand) and the road is uphill. Plus I hadn't been riding a bike in a VERY long time before I bought this bike he he he...So my stamina is ONE (not zero, but one) HE HE HE HE...

Imagine me on my bike, out of breath...with my mouth open to help me breathe...and then my nose started to run, so I had to stop since it was going uphill so that I could take out my tissue and blow my nose he he he he he...

Oh almost forgot...how long did the trip last? One way it took about 9 minutes (though it could have been faster had I not stopped a few times HA HA HA...). I feel challenged to beat my record and to cycle faster and to gain more stamina. :-D

If my butt and legs aren't getting any sexier after 3 months riding a bike to school, I'm going to sue somebody LOL LOL LOL!!! Kidding!!! ;-D

Anyway, I was sweating so much by the time I got back home (my shirt and tank top were damp) and I felt SO SO SO tired that I had to take a nap right away (I fell asleep in just a few seconds).

Here's my 3BT list today:

1. I was going to buy one Finnish book today that the library was selling cheap, but the manager told me that it was a gift for me for being a helper there. WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

2. The manager suggested me to lend some audio CDs for me to help listen to more Finnish, so I did today. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to listen to them yet 'coz I had to cook today after my nap.

3. I've been writing short emails to my MIL and when we were there the other day, I also helped guide her to do things. She says that since she lost the internet connection for almost a week due to cable problem, she hadn't been able to practise much, so she forgot and she wanted me to tell her how to do things again. I told her that she didn't need to hurry and she'll remember it eventually, 'coz I've also been learning Finnish SLOWLY, STEP BY STEP, so I understand her feelings. :-))))

I LOVE feeling useful and being able to help her! :-D

4. R2 has been very understanding and thoughtful, just like always. He has NEVER yelled at me. We bought a key house (I'll take a pic of it sometime later) and he asked me first where he should put it since he wanted me to be able to grab them easily considering our heights. :-)))) THANK YOU SO MUCH, Bonbon, for being just the way you are!!!

I'll blog-hop in the weekend or tomorrow, OK?


  1. Amel, you must really show us your sexy legs after 3 mths leh. I like your description. You are forever so funny in your words. Thanks for the laugh :):)

  2. hi hi hi hi....you are so FUNNY ;) yes, like Janice thanks makes me smile this morning.

  3. Ride a bike to work/school you got 2 benefit in one... you reach where you want to go and sport :)