Friday, March 13, 2009

3BT: Random Days

Before I write my usual 3BT post, I'd like to write about a sad event. My friend's baby was born dead and I just can't fathom the depth of sadness he must've been feeling right now...he had grown to love the baby even before he was born (the baby was a boy) and then he died.

So REST IN PEACE, little one!!! You're with the angels and sound. May the angels comfort your Mom and Dad, little one...

1. I heard one of the most BEAUTIFUL things I'd been waiting for a long time when I spoke to Mom on Skype the other day. My father's stopped having "angry management issues" ever since Ken was born. He keeps on saying that Ken brings him joy and happiness. THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was already at my wits' end trying to find out what ways we could do to help my Dad control his bursts of anger...the answer came in the form of a baby. :-))))

2. My presentation went well. ---> Of course I had to read my .pps files since I couldn't remember all the long Finnish texts, but still I thought I had prepared it well enough. :-))))

3. Receiving positive feedback about my presentation. It feels like I'm a character in a computer game and today I received a "Level Up". :-D

4. R2 washed the dishes without being asked. :-D

5. Getting my new snow shoes. I hope we can go downhill skiing again tomorrow. :-D

6. Talking to my Mom. I know I'm repeating myself in my 3BT posts, but I just want to cherish her as much as I can. She's truly something!!! I LOVE the way she supports me and the way she doesn't pressure me. I LOVE the way she understands my situation. She even said that I shouldn't send her SMS too often if I were too busy ('coz she knows I'm doing the training and the Finnish classes now). Whenever I think of her, I think of a safety blanket, warm and comforting. Mmmm...

7. Excitement to see my other project in its finished form. I'm going to share it with you later when it's done. :-D


  1. So sorry about your friend's baby, I feel for her - the same thing happened to my mother: My dad and her tried to have a baby for 5 years. They were told that there's a really small chance that the two of them could have a baby together. My mom was taking all sorts of fertility pills and finally she got pregnant, but the baby (also a boy) was born dead. When this happened, my mom ditched all the medicine she was supposed to take to get pregant, and... within two months, she got pregnant and I was born. So I'm a miracle child. And miracles do happen... so I hope your friend stays strong because something wonderful might be coming her way.

  2. sorry for your friend's baby...

  3. I am sorry to hear your baby's friend ;)

    I want to share our happiness to you, in here ^___^.

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  5. Blogger Blur Ting said...

    I'm so sad to hear about your friend's baby. Today I read a newspaper story that also brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful woman of 41 died of breast cancer after discovering she had a lump while breastfeeding her baby. Apparently the chemo didn't help her. She left behind 4 kids, one of whom is only 1 year old. She was the kind who loved life, took great care of herself and family and was a great mum to her kids. I feel so sad that they will be deprived of the love and warmth of such a wonderful mum.

  6. Everybody: Yeah, there are so many sad stories in the world today, especially if you try to listen to all of them. :-(((

    Bitter Chocolate: THANK YOU for sharing your story. So you're a miracle child, eh? I guess that's why many people have been telling me, "Usually when you're not really trying to have a child, you get pregnant miraculously." That's VERY true in your Mom's case. :-D

  7. Blur Ting: Oh dear...breast cancer and she had 4 kids? Oh no...:-(((( I hope somebody who's loving and caring takes care of the kids!

  8. You're a great mom and a lucky person.

  9. Mel, I love that words on glitter graphics...

    I feel so sorry about your friend's baby, it happened to my best friend happened to her twice! :-(( life has many difficulties and sadness but thank God we have Jesus Christ, right?

  10. Hey Gorgeous!

    May the Light be with the little one! My condolences to his parents! are in such a loving mood: I like seeing you like that :D!

    R2 washed the dishes without being asked? Men are awesome nowadays, that's all I can say.

    Your mom is so sweet! God Bless her! :D

    I can feel that you are happy, girl *hug*!


  11. Mother Hen: Yeah, I'm lucky! :-D

    Trinity: Oh dear...TWICE??? Gee...indeed we do have Jesus to comfort us. :-)))

    Max: Yeah, I hope the parents can feel some comfort. And yep, I am happy, Max...I am. :-)))