Friday, March 20, 2009


Our Wii package came on Wednesday, so during the night we tried it and I got addicted right away hi hi...It was SO MUCH FUN! We have two CDs: Wii Fit and Wii Sports. So far I've tried doing these:

1. A few Yoga exercises.
2. A few aerobics exercises.
3. A few balance games/exercises, including hula hoop.

And I've played these with R2:

1. Tennis.
2. Golf.
3. Bowling.
4. Baseball.
5. Boxing.

We also tested our BMI indexes and our Wii Fit Age. My BMI index is 22.02, so it's still in the ideal range. However, my Wii Fit Age is 45 (the youngest Wii Fit Age is 20). ARRRGGHHH!!! I want to get a younger Wii Fit Age he he he...

Yesterday I played Wii for 1,5 hours and after that we had sauna. I felt EXHAUSTED by the time we sat on our sofa to watch "Lost" series. DEAD tired! I slept right away after the episode was over and it was such a nice sleep he he he...

Funny thing happened when we went on a virtual "jogging" together. Of course my stamina is better than his since I've been doing Taebo for 2 years. At first until the middle part of the jogging track, we were almost equal (I was a little bit ahead of him), but after that his pace started becoming slower and slower hi hi hi hi I left him waaaayyy behind. :-D

I think Wii games would be much more motivating if you're doing it with somebody else and you can compare your results he he he...It did feel a bit crazy, though, that you were "hitting" a virtual opponent or ball or whatever he he he...

Anyway, I plan on playing Wii again later tonight after I do my homework and other stuff. I've bought two discounted Finnish books from the bookstore, too. I'm ON A ROLL!!! I'm highly charged to READ more Finnish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to add not only my vocabulary, but also sentence structures. GOOOOOOOOOO GO GO!!! :-D

Oh yeah...I pampered myself the other day by buying a pair of boots which were on sale. It was actually the first pair of boots I've EVER bought in my entire life. The first pair was given to me by my friend's mother (bless her!!!) and the second pair was given to me by a friend. So I've been wearing gifts and now that the first pair is getting old, I decided to buy myself a new pair, but I'm only going to wear them next winter HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Okay, time to blog-hop before I do my homework he he...Have a blessed weekend, everybody!!!


  1. Isn't that great to have someone that love doing thing together. It sounds that you had so much fun Amel :-)

  2. it sound fun those games ;)

    btw, if you have time i would like you to stop on my blog to see my Running Boy.

    have a nice sunday.

  3. Feb: Yeah, we had so much laugh together hi hi...

    Jul: Have a nice Sunday to you too, Jul! :-D

  4. you had a lot of fun with wii :p

  5. I played wii for the first time last week and it was fun. The kids are asking me to get a set too. Maybe it is an ideal way to make them active instead of sitting around all day.

  6. Hey Amel!

    That wii fit sounds fun! So, how did you like doing yoga, it's cool, isn't it :D?

    I am so proud of you! I knew you would get there (Finnish), girl!! *hug*


  7. huahahahah...boxing monkeynya lucu pisaaann!!!

    Have fun deh ama Wii!!! :D

  8. Jeanne: Yupz! :-D

    Blur Ting: Yeah, it's also been an ideal way to make R2 active instead of sitting in front of his computer so long ha ha ha ha...

    Max: Yeah, yoga is cool AND HARD ha ha ha ha ha...:-D THANKS for your encouragement, girl!!! HUG back!!!

    Anita: Iya, makanya gua pilih karena si monkey teh bener2 cute hi hi hi hi...:-D