Friday, March 06, 2009

Why Always Busy These Days?

Hmmm...dunno the answer, but it seems that way. I have some emails to answer and some projects to finish. One project to finish is a presentation about blogging for next Friday at the library. My boss and colleagues want to hear about blogging in Finnish. That means I have to write everything down so that I don't have to memorize them ha ha ha...this is rather difficult as there are many English terms in blogging that I don't know in Finnish, such as "widget" etc.

I'm halfway done on my third project at the library. It turns out to be such a big project which will take so much time to finish he he he...

Oh well...btw, hubby's ordering Wii Fit package with different kinds of sports activities. I'm SO excited to try it out since I've been rather bored doing Tae-bo using the same CDs over and over again he he he he he he he...I wanna try out different kinds of exercises! ;-D

Funny thing is that I had been thinking of trying out Wii Fit, but I didn't want to spend the money...and then WHAM, hubby bought it HA HA HA HA HA...Incredible!!! Is it a "coincidence" or did he read my mind? ;-D

What else? I found an ex elementary school friend in Facebook that I haven't seen for...hmmm...19 years!!! He told me what he remembered about me. I don't remember that incident AT ALL, but I have a different memory which he doesn't remember. ;-D

The other project I'm working on is a secret. I'm going to tell you only later if it proves to be successful he he he he he...

I've bought two more Finnish novels from the library at a discount again. WHOOPPPEEEEE!!! I LOVE collecting cheap books. I know I may not be able to understand some of them yet since they're so thick and they're for adults, but at least they're at home (easy to reach), so I can read them anytime I want to. :-D

I've been feeling UPBEAT these days and not at all deflated like the other day. My colleagues are always SO encouraging, especially my boss, so that helps me feel useful at work. ;-D I'll blog-hop later on after I finish one project. Take care, everybody!!!


  1. i found also my ex classmate from the highschool through facebook hehehe....

    aku add kamu di FB tuh :P

  2. that's great to hear that you're having good times:) enjoy your weekend!:)

  3. glad to hear you are having a good week even if it's a busy one.

    Amel when you get done...with your blogging fun it would be to see it in the Finnish language.

    Wow you amaze me....I could never do all of this stuff!

    Oh the shot of moon was taken last night, using my new 400mm lens and a tripod.:-))))

  4. wii fi? Wow.. they have also the one for exercise, Mel!

  5. Gorgeous,

    There are no coincidences so, I am guessing that either God sent you that gift or your hubby read your mind lol ;)!

    Have fun and good luck for your project!