Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Surprising Event + An Inspiration

Today in between our Finnish lessons (we had short breaks in between), two students reported a problem to the teacher. Turned out that someone had put BUTTER in the jacket pockets of one student. Insane, isn't it?

The teacher reported this to another teacher and they went out to discuss this problem. After some time, the teacher came back and said that this kind of thing had never happened before and since there were no security cameras in the hallway, they didn't know who did it. She also said that the school would take care of the jacket - meaning they'd clean it and pay for the cleaning fee.

I'm sending BAD KARMA to the perpetrator!!!

I saw the jacket pockets when I came out of the room to go home and it was just NASTY. It seemed that the perp shoved in as much butter as possible. Nasty prank!!!

Anyway, there was a new student coming last week from Moldova. She speaks many languages already: Russian, Romanian, English, and Italian. I'm SO amazed at her 'coz I've NEVER seen anyone learn a language as fast as she does. AMAZING!!! Maybe it's because she has talents in languages and she also knows many already, so it's easier for her to understand the grammar, but still she's really something and it really makes me feel motivated, esp. because our learning style is similar!!! :-D



  1. Amel......... my little Amos is 3 yrs old today. Come n see his sea creature birthday cake !! :):)

  2. I think some people have a special talent in learning languages.

  3. Hi Amel,

    That wasn't nice with the butter! A real mess. It's not easy to get hold of it either, from the kitchens there..so it must be a resident student in my view, from their own stash. Someone with a grudge.

    Liam has had his bike tires let down before and other things tweeked, like brakes! (eek) Both the boys had that in the school. However, you would expect people at the college to have grown out of such stupidities wouldn't you!

    Moldovian and Romanian has, if I recall rightly, a similar structure to the endings, so that might be part of why she is getting it so much quicker. Although as Blur Ting says, some people just 'get' languages more than others. Age is also another factor, look at my son Jake... amazing Finnish.. a lot of benefit from being younger when learning it.

    Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday.. I had an absolute shocker of a headache.. couldn't even see my mobile properly when texting you! (Naistenaika)

    Love Michelle

  4. Janice: OK, coming right up!!! :-D

    Blur: That's VERY true he he...

    Mrs. Arctic Rainbow: Oh yeah, I forgot that you once told me about the pranks done to your sons!!! The teacher also thought that it was done deliberately by that person 'coz he or she knew it was HER jacket.

    Well, that girl is almost the same age as I am...but you're right that kids absorb languages more quickly though it also depends on some other factors he he...

    Don't worry about not coming. :-)))) Just rest and take good care of yourself!

  5. wow...that is lot of language that ur friend knows ;)

  6. You can do that AMel... As I mentioned long time ago, you're good when you learn other languages!

  7. Someone's put butter into someone else's pockets? Gosh, I thought only elementary school kids do that kind of stuff!

    That Moldovian student sure sounds inspiring, I look up to people like that so much. Btw have you seen the videos of the Italian guy who speaks 8 languages on youtube? He's amazing!

  8. Hi Amel,

    hope you visit my post today ;) Jason in action :D have a nice weekend.

  9. Butter?? yuck
    What a weird and nasty thing to do.

  10. Nyumix: THANKS, Put! :-D

    Bitter Chocolate: Yeah, they SHOULD be more mature, butttt...too bad they aren't! :-((((

    No, I haven't seen the guy who speaks 8 languages. That's definitely a SUPER talented person he he...

    Jul: OK!!! :-D

    Michelle: Indeed it's really nasty.