Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3BT: Random Days

1. Tomorrow and Friday I'll have free days, though on Thursday I have my Finnish class, but still it feels GOOD to be able to have some free time. :-D

2. With the free time I have, I'm right now trying a new recipe that a friend posted in FB HE HE HE HE HE...Hope it works!!!

3. Getting the much-needed nap today after work, since I only worked 4 hours today (due to the overtime I did the first week this month - since the Finnish class had a week holiday, I could use the time that I was supposed to spend at school at work).

4. Feeling the sun warming up my back while sitting in our kitchen.

5. Getting SO MUCH LIGHT from all the HUGE windows in our apartment.

6. Having good rolled curtains to shade the light when we're asleep. Now that Midnight Sun is coming and it's getting light longer and longer during the day, it'll be hard for us to sleep without these curtains.

7. I've been pretty diligent in reading some Finnish every day and also trying to translate Finnish songs in my other blog (though I still need R2's help, but still it's good practice for me). I should keep up the pace and not slack off!!!

8. We've gone sliding down the hills three times this month, so I'm VERY PLEASED with it, because last year we didn't do it at all as I was busy with my full-time Finnish class and during the holiday I got sick, so we couldn't make it.

9. Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm. About life in general and also about learning more Finnish.


  1. I can see how you still have lots of energy to learn language. I know you can

  2. Great job at the continous Finnish assignments! I'm trying to stay enthusiastic about studying Spanish but it's very hard because I loathe my teacher... and she loathes me right back. Had I not wanted to go to Valencia, I would have been so gone from her classes right now.

    And the cinnamon banana rolls on your fb look just yummilicious!

  3. Sun's coming back here too! :-))

  4. Hello Mel, How is life? Wanna check Some pictures of my daughter in her school?

  5. I hope I can have some free time, too. I always feel sleepy after coming back from work. :) Soon, I bet you'll be having no difficulties in Finnish because you are such an enthusiastic learner. Like always, all the best to you, buddy!!! :)