Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sliding Downhill Again

Yesterday it was sunny at first, but when we went to go downhill skiing, it was cloudy and it even snowed for a little while. Only after we were almost finished did it start to be sunny again ha ha...Nonetheless we had fun as usual. This time I decided to take a few videos of the others after I went sliding down 6 times he he...

Here's the compilation of the short video clips. I don't have much time to pretty it up, unfortunately, but you get the idea...there are different tools in the video clips: Stiga, miniskis, and sliders.

I've added some annotations in the video clip, but it won't show too well, so here's the youtube link:

Here are some pics I took:

MIL has prepared a special kind of cake. She looked up some recipes online and decided to try one. It was SO tasty!!! :-D Yum yum...My parents-in-law and my MIL's elder sister are coming to visit us on Wednesday. I'll have Wed off since I had done some overtime at the library already this month. WHOOPPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Maybe I should bake something for them on Tuesday he he he he he...We'll see!!!

OK, time to blog-hop a bit...


  1. Wow, is there still so much snow up there at yours? Who would have thought! As for cakes, those are always awsome .)

  2. Hey Amel,

    Wow, winter is still there, eh? And to think we are practically in summer, here.

    Anyway, the pictures look beautiful!

    Your mother-in-law is a wonderful person, Blessed be she!
    So, you are already receiving family at your new home? :D I think you should bake something, after all it is a special occasion :D!

    Have a blessed week, gorgeous!