Friday, March 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

Listen to understand, then speak with love.

Taken from today's Our Daily Bread.

P.S. Because we're both on a holiday, we decide to go to Rovaniemi today.
WHOOPPEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm going to eat in an Asian resto...yum yum...


  1. wow...sounds interest day for you ;)

  2. How was the trip? My dad was in Rovaniemi a few (possibly 8 or so LOL) years back, he took a little Skandinavian trip from Helsinki all the way to Nordkapp. Wish I had been old enough to know better, back then I told him I wasn't interested when he asked me if I wanted to come with. Stupid stupid me.

  3. THANKS, everybody! I'll let you know about this trip soon! :-D

    Bitter Chocolate: Oh dear...sorry to hear about that you missed the trip to Helsinki to Nordkapp. Many tourists do this kind of trip. Well, maybe someday you can do it with some friends or on your own. Who knows? Or even maybe with your future boyfriend HE HE HE HE HE...