Monday, January 04, 2010

2010 Started with a Bang

Last night as we were about to fall asleep, we heard a LOUD BANG which was immediately followed by a rush of water. We were SO shocked. R2 jumped out of bed right away and ran to the bathroom. I followed him, though not as quickly. Warm water was streaming with full force from one of the hoses between the washing machine and the shower box. R2 grabbed a pail to try to make the water run more slowly while we tried to figure out the "stop" button/handle. He finally spotted it, but he had to use a screwdriver to turn it off.

This is what had happened to the hose:

We were thankful that this happened while we're still here (not while we're in Helsinki for example), though we had a bit of a hard time to go back to sleep 'coz we were afraid of something else happening. I do hope there's someone who can fix this problem for us today or at the latest tomorrow ('coz we're only apartment renters, so we can report this to the company that owns it) 'coz Wednesday is another public holiday here.

We didn't do anything much during New Year's Eve and New Year 'coz R2 had to be on-call. He even went to work for an hour or so on New Year's day. While waiting for the year to change, I had fun tweaking these photos he he he...

OK, time to blog-hop now...


  1. Woah, that's shocking and very bad indeed. I hope you'll get it fixed before you guys go for that short trip.

    The 2nd photo looks like something from a comic strip haha... Cool! :-)

  2. That would be a rude awaking indeed. Hopefully you get it fixed soon. I love how you tweaked the photo's it looks really cool.

  3. Woah! That must have been created quite a shock! Hopefully nothing like this happens when you are away.

    Why was R2 on call? Is he a doc or something similar?

  4. CMG: Yeah...I hope so too. Been waiting here, but nobody comes yet. Hmmmhhh...Yeah, I love that site 'coz I could turn my photo into a cartoon hi hi...

    Dawn: THANKS!!! :-D

    Shinta: Nah, R2 is not a doc. He works in a computer firm and every worker there has to take turns in being on-call (one week per person) where they have to answer calls from customers (sometimes they don't have to go anywhere but just give advice on how to fix the problem), but sometimes they have to go to places to fix problems. On New Year's Day R2 had to go to the City Hall to do something he he...

  5. Yes, just as well it didn't happen whilst you were away. Can you claim any damage via insurance? More worrying is WHY it happened in the first place!

  6. Wah scary! That's also my greatest fear of being away. Just make sure you turn off all the switches while you're away. Enjoy your little getaway.

  7. Have fun in Helsinki, Amel. And does someone come to your apartment to fix the problem?

  8. Mrs. Arctic Rainbow: Didn't claim any damage 'coz didn't know that one could do that ha ha....

    Blur Ting: THANKS...we're gonna check all the switches before we go. ;-D

    Jul: Yep, the handyman came over at around 3 pm he he we can shower again. ;-D