Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homes and Degress of Sentimentality

When we were in the process of moving to this current apartment last year (yep, in January 2009), I felt SOOOOOOOOO sentimental about leaving our old apartment. The reason was that it was the first apartment we lived in as a married couple. It was such a small apartment, but still it was filled with so many memories. (If I recall, someone once told me that you'll never forget the first place you live in with your spouse - was it you, M?)

When I left Bandung to live in Finland, I also felt sentimental 'coz I had, after all, lived in that city my entire life (28 years and 4 months) and I had to leave my beloved family and friends there - as well as my job. I remember on the way to the airport, I was escorted by so many people: my parents, my bro and his-then-girlfriend (now wife), two uncles and two aunts. I remember saying goodbye to the mountains surrounding Bandung 'coz I knew that Sodankylä landscape is much more flat and I'd miss the mountains.

I said goodbye to the familiar, to my safety zone, to embrace the unfamiliar. I remember crying while saying goodbye to everybody who escorted me and then bracing myself to face the unknown and telling myself that Bandung is my ex-home and starting from then my home is hubby.

Funny thing is that I just realized that while I'm in the process of moving to our new home now, I'm not as sentimental as those two occasions I just described. I don't know if that is caused by the fact that we're moving to our own house that will probably be the house we'll stay in forever (unless something else comes up and we have to move to a different place - though I prefer not to 'coz it's such a hassle to move) or because we've only stayed in this place for a year or maybe there are other reasons, too.

It obviously doesn't mean that we don't have many memories in this current apartment, 'coz there's no way you can live in a place for a year without having many memories, right? Or maybe it also has something to do with our TTC journey 'coz the year we have spent here has been rough in terms of our hope to have a baby due to the non-baby-situation and so maybe in a way I'm eager to "change scenery" and move on. So for me, this move is FAR easier than when we moved from our first apartment.

Anyway, I've always liked knowing why I feel a certain way. For me, just finding out the why "solves" half of the problem. It gives me a sense of direction, so the speak. Knowing why I feel a certain way enables me to get in touch with myself and to understand myself better. It's FUN to dig deeper and deeper into myself to find out every little detail and secret. ;-D

Yeah, now I'm rambling...too much coffee and staying up this late makes me ramble in my blog ha ha ha...better go to sleep now after publishing this post just in case tomorrow we have to move some more stuff to the house (we've started moving some boxes there already).


  1. That's an interesting topic. I always feel sentimental when I leave places where I've experienced something, the only exception of this is when I was moving from my parents' appartment ´to the uni dorms, because I always knew I'd be coming back every now and then, and that I'd always be at home there. It's rather strange to know that the appartment won't in fact be there forever and that when I come back to the Czech Republic in the summer, my parents will already be living in a house that I have no memories of and that is no home to me. But I'll deffinitely feel sentimental to leave England, just as I was sentimental to leave the dorms in my uni town or ouf appartment in Spain...

    Btw, I hope you will put up some pictures of the house in the future, I always love to see things like that!

  2. I think it's because you're excited to move into a home that you both own. It probably feels different and more permanent than renting. :-)

  3. Oh Amel... You reminded me my memories when i was leaving my family and our apartment. I even didn't have so much time to say goodbye. (Buy yupppyy i will be in Istanbul in February to visit my family and friends).

    It makes one sentimental when u remember even a corner of your previous house which you didn't pay attention when u were living there.
    I remember the student dormitory where i had stayed during my university study. I spent my 5 years there and when i was leaving that small room which i was sharing with 8 girls, i cried a lot.
    About your leaving... But you have a better one now which is really yours and if i were you i would start thinking about how to decorate it from now on. I believe that your new house will bring you and R2 luck and happiness.


  4. Bitter Chocolate: Ah yeah...I remember your telling me that your parents are moving to a house now. Well, at least the memories stay there in your mind and heart. :-)))) And I'll take some pics of the house later when we're done he he...

    Blur Ting: True, true, it does feel more permanent than renting he he...

    Burcu: Hey, I'm SO HAPPY for you. ENJOY yourself fully in Istanbul. I'm sure you miss your family, friends, and food he he...

    It's funny that a place can make us so sentimental, eh? He he he he he...THANK YOU for your encouragement about luck and happiness he he...

  5. I always had a sentimental feelings when I had to leave Jakarta back to here. I cried lots couple days before i went back here.

  6. Yes, it was me who said about never forgetting the first home you share together. :-)

    BUT... wow... !!WOW!!

    WHEN did you get a house? :-O I missed all the news!

    I need info, photos, details. *dashing off to search your blog!* :-)))