Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Moving Again Soon!

Yep, we'll be moving again at the end of this month, so this is actually the shortest amount of time I've spent living in one place. We've only stayed here for one year. The longest time I've spent living in a house is in my parents' house in Bandung for 25 years he he...

We've decided to buy a house on credit. It made me feel at first kinda afraid 'coz the economical situation is so bad everywhere, but anyway we've calculated the cost and we'll be spending more or less the same amount of money we spend by renting this apartment. The only extra spending would be house renovation (which means we have to save money per month for this purpose just in case something happens in the future and we'll have to spend quite a sum of money to renovate something) - whereas when we live in rented apartments, we don't have to renovate anything 'coz if there's trouble we can always ask the company to fix it.

We have to sign the papers sometime this week (I think). On Monday we already went to the bank to sign in the loan papers. So we'll be rather busy this month and I'm EXCITED to move (I can tell that R2 is also SO excited). The house is old, but still it'll be our own house in the end he he he...It's got 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, 2 small toilets, 1 bathroom and a sauna plus a little yard (which is actually GREAT 'coz if we have a huge yard, we have to clean up the snow ourselves in winter and it'll be HARD work considering the length of winter we have up here).

We weren't really looking for a house to be honest, but then Arttu's relative wanted to sell their house and they asked if we wanted to buy it, so we decided to take that offer. So we've started packing bit by bit 'coz we can start moving some things there already 'coz they're after all our relatives he he he he he...

This is really like an unexpected blessing for us and I'm SO thankful for it!!! :-D :-D :-D

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  1. I am happy for you, Amel :D Send me your new address later ^__*

  2. Wow! That is such a blessing!! Soooooo happy for you! =)

  3. Oh, it sounds like a good move. So exciting!

  4. Congrats! We have had a house for 14 years now and we love it!

  5. Wow! That is really something to look forward to. Congrats! :-)

  6. I am so happy that you gonna have your own house. Nothing can be better than having your own house.
    I wish you many many years full of cheer and happiness in your new house Amel!