Friday, January 08, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Asking hubby, "Have you EVER regretted marrying me?" and he said no HUE HE HE HE HE...

2. Being able to laugh while watching comedies - there was an occasion where I didn't feel like laughing while watching a comedy 'coz I was down and that occasion reminded me that to TRULY laugh your heart out while watching something funny (without a care in the world) is such a WONDERFUL thing. 

3. Seeing breathtaking sunsets that made me able to endure the cold weather 'coz the beauty was just something that I HAD to absorb with my own eyes 'coz that kind of beauty reminds me of God's greatness.

4. Getting more enlightenment by reading other people's blogs. It really helps me expand and stretch (and hopefully become better and better as a human being in general). :-)))

5. Discovering something that hubby had done in the past that he hadn't told me before. It's nice to find out more things about him. :-D

6. Something hubby said made me SO happy and touched - about that it's better to have a bigger main bedroom 'coz that then we can put the baby's crib in it. (Side note: NO, NO, it doesn't mean I'm pregnant yet, but it was the FIRST time I've ever heard him say something like this and it just filled my heart with such a warm, gooey feeling - also 'coz it means that it's fine to have a baby with us in the same bedroom). ;-D

7. Hubby has NEVER told me what to do. (I know I've written this down several times already, but I really must give him credit for this and it's one of the VITAL things for me 'coz I know how stubborn I am. If I'm paired with a "leader" type of a guy, there's gonna be TOTAL CHAOS from the beginning. I just want to cherish this side of hubby's personality. :-D)

8. Hubby's sensitivity towards my mood. He doesn't aggravate me when he senses that I'm feeling down and cranky (he doesn't get angry 'coz of it) and he tries to cheer me up.

9. Meeting a friend and talking to her for hours. It felt GREAT! ;-D

10. Walking to my friend's house when it was around -25'C outside (it took me around 25-30 minutes to walk to her place) and getting myself a natural shade of "mascara" as the result:


  1. - 25 ; Yikes! We had "only" -16 today and I "only" walked 20 minutes to get where I was going to :)

  2. I love that sunsets are getting later and later. What you say about your husband is so nice. It's great to appreciate what we have instead of wanting to change our spouse or significant other.

  3. I understand what you mean. I also find that sometimes it's really nice knowing something about how my hubby was in the past. :-)

  4. It's a mistake of you that you're questioning your hubby if he has ever regretted to marry you. He should be the luckiest man ever on this earth that he has such a good and loving woman like you!

    I am just wondering were your eye lashes really frozen or u did it by photoshop or something like that?
    I really couldn't stand that much cold probably.

    Hugs and kisses


  5. No, eyelashes REALLY do get frozen Burcu!

    It was lovely to see you too Amel and nice to catch up. Glad your pic of your lashes came out okay, I remember you told me that you had snapped them en route to me.

    I am going to add your photo to my blog as I am running the 'what to wear in Lapland' blog that I mentioned to you. Hope that is okay, it will naturally carry a link back to you as always.

    GREAT sunset picture.. just lovely! I love them too!

    Hope all went ok in Helsinki.

    Nice talk of cribs... ((Hugs))

    I see that R2 has changed his name to Selkä on skype..LOL. "Minä olen selkä" made me smile... :D

    Speak soon.. x

  6. Oh wow, the mascara is so cute!