Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photos + A Short Convo

Yesterday went to visit R2's cousin and his 6-year-old daughter wanted me to play with her right away. When they visited us a few days ago, she asked me to play hide and seek in our place and when it was time to go home, she cried 'coz she wanted to keep playing hi hi...Anyway, here are some bits of our convo in between playing:

Her: How old are you? I'm 6 years old (holding up her fingers).
Me : 31 (holding up 10 fingers and explaining to her that it's three times that much plus 1)

She imitated me a few times, but I don't think she realized just how much older I am compared to her hi hi hi...After all, the last time we spoke last month, she asked me if I was a "big" girl or an adult (even though she herself pinpointed to me our wedding picture in her living room) he he he he he he...

Her: I'm a Finnish girl. What are you? English?
Me : No.
Her: Finnish?
Me : (laugh) No.
Her: Then what nationality are you???
Me : Indonesian.
Her: Really? But to me, you look Chinese.
Me : Well, I am Chinese, but I was born in Indonesia, so I'm Chinese-Indonesian.

Dang...it's SO hard to try to explain things to kids. You've gotta be really creative hi hi hi...And it's funny that now she seems to understand "races". When I first met her about 3 years ago, she didn't realize that I was different (she didn't stare at me like I was some sort of alien) and she didn't understand why I didn't speak at all (that I didn't speak Finnish to her).

Her: I have a picture of you and R2 on your wedding day. It was summer.
Me : Yes, well, in Indonesia it's always summer. There's no snow there.
Her: Really? No winter?
Me : Yes. (although on the peak of Jaya there is apparently still some snow, but it's just too hard for me to explain it to her, 'coz I don't think she realizes yet just how far away Indonesia is from Finland)

Okay, now some more photos from our Helsinki Trip:

1st pic: the train station.

2nd pic: Zooming in on the figures there. Brrr...they look cold, don't they? HI HI HI...

3rd pic: The newest shopping mall called Kamppi. At least I never heard about that when I went to Helsinki in 2004. All I knew back then was Stockmann.

4th pic: Love this clock. The writing on the clock means: "Helsingin Sanomat Office". Helsingin Sanomat is the national newspaper.

5th pic: LOVE this building, though dunno what it is ha ha ha...Helsinki people, care to enlighten me?

6th pic: A cartoonized pic of us in our hotel room. I'm just bored taking pics while we're sitting down nicely, so that was why we posed like that ha ha ha ha...


  1. Kids are so cute!!! =) I love that picture of the statues. Well captured. You can really feel the cold..haha.. =)

  2. Aww, the conversation bits are adorable! I also love the unknown building :D

  3. Shinta: Yeah, kids are cute he he...THANKS for your compliment on the pic. ;-D

    Bitter Chocolate: Yeah, it amazes me how much I have to think to answer a kid's questions hi hi...Glad you enjoyed the pics! :-D

  4. LOL! Creative pose of you and R2! Hehehee... ;-)

    Hey, that's the niece that have thrown some toys for you to pick up and asked if you were mute, right?! Hahahaa... It's good that she can speak in English now. :-D My niece will also be 6 this year and always as bubbly as ever! :-D

    Oh yeah, in the 2nd pics, 'they' do look cold to me! LOL!!

  5. CMG: YES! That's the one! And no, we didn't speak English. We spoke Finnish (though she learns English and Swedish at the daycare too) he he he he...Yeah, if your niece is the same age, I can imagine how she's like - being bubbly, I mean hi hi hi...