Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paperwork + Packing

Today we went to the bank again to sign SO much paperwork he he he...We were also offered home insurance and car insurance with a discount, but we'll have to compare the cost first with some other insurance places before we sign any deal to get the best quote. We're also offered MasterCard without any annual fee 'coz then that card offers travel insurance (whereas Visa doesn't), but we have to think about it first - I'm not going to apply for the card 'coz I don't even have any salary, but R2 might change his.

When I first saw the figures of the home and car insurance quotes, I was shocked...but after I divided it by 12, the cost per month isn't that high he he he...but this proves that there are really many other side fees when you own your own house versus when you just rent an apartment he he he...

This evening and this weekend we'll be moving stuff to the new house bit by bit. Our internet connection will be moved to the new house at the beginning of next month, so if we happen to move already next Saturday or Sunday, I can only get online on Monday. But then again we'll be so busy unpacking everything during the first few days we're there anyway he he he...

R2 still has to deal with some other type of paperwork that we have to get within 6 months before the whole paperwork deal is over. Phew! It's interesting, though, to know what kind of paperwork that one has to do to seal the deal here. I mean, I've never owned a house in my entire life, so I don't even know how it works in Indo he he now I know a little bit about it and the extra costs that come up just to seal the deal - the notary fees, the bank fees, the fees to get other types of paperwork.

One thing that we didn't calculate was the number of windows there are in a house. After I counted them, I was thinking to myself, "Do we have to buy many more curtains?" But while packing things, I realized that R2 has already plenty of curtains of different patterns hi hi hi...and I KNEW they must've come from his Mom (there's NO way he'd buy spare curtains if he doesn't need any), so I did ask him about it and he confirmed what I knew already hi hi hi...THANK GOD for thoughtful Moms!!! That means we don't have to spend money for curtains in the near future - if we want to buy new ones, we can, but at least not in a hurry 'coz we've already spent so much money.

The other night I was thinking to myself, "Hey, now that we have some lawn, we can have a small barbecue party in summer. YIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" And yeah, I started daydreaming about the time when my parents and brother and family can come visit me, 'coz we'll have plenty of rooms for them he he he...

OK, enough rambling. I've been trying to think of participating in some writing contests, but first I need to find IDEAS on what to write!!!! I'll blog-hop later...


  1. So...when your parents and brother will come to visit you :D They never visit you in Finland isn't it.

    Looking forward to see photos of your new house.

  2. Yah, there are lots of paperwork when it comes to buying a house, here too in Singapore. They entire process takes about 3 to 4 months with stamp fees etc involved. I guess they would have to run many checks on the owners' background as well as whether the road planning division has any plans to develop roads etc on that property in future.

  3. Oh I hate paper work, that's why I'm really scared of having to grow up and living real life one day :D

    The extra rooms for guests sound excellent!

  4. It sounds so exciting! Hey, I'll need your new address, please. :-))

    AND I WANT PHOTOS! :-)))

    If you give me some idea what kind of writing competitions maybe I can give you ideas what to write about. I've entered a competition too. :-) I haven't put it on my blog yet, I just realised. I keep forgetting to blog lately!