Friday, February 05, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Seeing THICK piles of fresh snow all around our yard.

2. Hubby's moist (hairy) thighs and feet after I rubbed some lotion on them. The skin looked splendidly healthy!

3. Trying out a new recipe after finding a new kind of baking pan and managed to recreate a kind of Indo snack which tasted good (although I should've added a little more sugar or chocolate on top) and gave some to in-laws. MIL said that I should keep the recipe ha ha...

4. Hubby moved the toilet paper roll to a place where my hand could reach it better. THANK YOU, hubby!!!

5. Seeing how happy hubby is - how he danced like crazy around the room while making funny faces he he he...

6. Cleaning up snow every day from the yard this week and unpacking and rearranging things. I love having many things to do!

7. Loving the more peaceful surroundings where we live now compared to our former apartment (although the apartment is smack dab downtown, it means that there's more noise there).

8. Enjoying my own company (maybe too much 'coz I don't feel like being social these days - I just want to be left alone).

9. Fresh bed sheets, fresh pillow covers, fresh blanket cover and also being able to choose curtains for almost all the windows in our house.

10. Hubby feeding me candies and me peeling oranges for him.

11. I massaged hubby's back after he massaged mine. Yum!!!

12. The house looks more in order now and it feels GREAT!!! ;-D There are still things to do, but it's not as messy as before, though one storage room is very messy ha ha...

13. I have more or less succeeded in establishing this habit of hugging MIL every time we visit her. I should keep on doing this. ---> Note: It's not easy for me to establish this habit 'coz I'm not a hugger and in my family in Indo we don't normally hug, so except for hubby it's rather awkward for me to start this habit.

14. Having sauna in our own house. YEEAAAAHHHH!!!


  1. You have a sauna?? WOW!! Sounds like you have a lovely home there. You need to post pictures soon. =)

  2. have posted pictures..haha..My bad. I haven't been checking my blog these past couple of weeks.

  3. As Joerg and I are so keen on Sauna , will you let us visit you sometimes and enjoy your sauna :)
    I am feeling so happy when i read that everything is on its way about your life!
    God bless you and keep you happy till the end of your lives!

    Kisses and hugs (even you're not a hugger :)

  4. I continue to really admire your outlook and appreciating the nice little things in life as well as big things. You have a winning personality, Amel!!