Monday, February 15, 2010

Back from Seclusion

Hi, people!

A belated Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year! I've had some blissful days of not thinking about anything much and then had some soul-searching sessions where I finally found out the root of my problems (I'll tell you later after I'm finished with the post, but right now I don't want to write about that yet - suffice it to say that I had a period of being-my-own-worst-bully where I had too much irrational guilt) and I'm starting the healing process he he he...

The house is now neater than before, though we still have to do many things, but at least we've put the darkened rolled curtains in both bedrooms and all the rooms have curtains now. Yesterday R2 was busy fixing the washing machine hose 'coz ours was too short, so he had to buy an extension, so only yesterday we could start washing our dirty laundry ha ha ha...

Here are some more pics (yeah, we should buy another one of that long green carpet if we want to match it up, but it's rather expensive, so we'll just wait):

This is the computer room now:

LOVE how the sun shines through the kitchen window...and in the morning it shines through the living room window. LOVE it!!!

Look how thick the snow is! It snowed so much again on Saturday night and last night. Just now I cleaned up the snow again and it was getting hard to find places to "dump" the pile of snow in the yard he he...

The "freezing" swing set. Can't wait to try it on when all the snow's gone he he...

I've also been cooking and baking a lot 'coz I have so much time to kill. As you all know I'm waiting for an entrepreneur course, but it keeps on being postponed. Last year when they advertised it, it was supposed to start the beginning of this year, but it's already mid February and they're postponing it again until spring. 'Coz the house is almost in complete order now, I don't want to stay home all day, so I'm looking for another training place. Wish me luck, OK?

When it comes to my FIL...he is getting worse (slowly but surely). I can see it every time we visit them on Saturdays. On the bright side, though, there's a nurse who comes to visit them once a month to evaluate his condition and to find out what kind of tools he might need. So far he's got free diapers from the government and also some handles (you know, the kind of door handle near the toilet seat?) and also another handle near the toilet and another one on the side of the bed 'coz it's been hard for him to get up after lying down and MIL has a bad back, so it's hard for her to help him get up (also 'coz of their height difference - their height difference is the same as mine and Arttu's: about 32 cm). For those of you who pray, please pray for MIL to be given the strength and peace of mind (no self-blaming).

OK, now it's time for me to blog-hop a little. ;-D


  1. Welcome back, Amel :D The house looks great now. I am sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope God give your MIL more strength in this situation.

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  3. Everything looks good. Hah hah, the swing set is like ours, covered in funny shapes of whipped cream-like snow :)

  4. Welcome back! I know what it's like to be your own worst enemy at times, happy that period is over again :) The house is coming along really nicely, I love these pictures, all the rooms look very cozy but not too decorated in a tacky way, it's wonderful. My parents are actually in the process of moving just now btw!

  5. Happy new year to you! The house is really lovely and spacious.

    Take care and I hope you'll find something enjoyable to do in the meantime.

  6. Quick reply to say hi.
    Prayers for your FIL.
    I love your kitchen photo. It looks so "home". :-)

    Hope this year you find a job you enjoy. ((hug))