Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm In!

Tired. Woke up this morning much earlier to prepare myself and realized it was -30'C outside, so cycling to the daycare was not an option. Good thing was that the sun shone and the temperature rose bit by bit so by the time I was supposed to leave, it was 5 degrees warmer he he...I figured it'd take about 25-30 minutes to walk there and I was right. I arrived there at 9.50 am and the boss was in her office already.

I went in and she asked me how long I'd stayed in Finland and what kind of trainings I had done beforehand and if I had any experience working with kids and then she asked me if I had brought the paperwork from the employment office. I said no, 'coz I wasn't even sure they wanted my help, but I said I could go to the employment office ASAP to get it.

Then she took me around the place and the different classrooms and introduced me to everybody. I almost don't remember their names anymore 'coz it was just too much info and I was in a daze ha ha ha ha ha...

But anyway, after the short introduction and some brief info about what I should be doing, I went to the employment office ASAP 'coz I knew their lunch hour was from 11-12, so I had to finish everything BEFORE then so that I didn't have to go back home first and go back there again, but the employment officer took time to do my data and stuff, so I spent more time there than I thought I would.

Then I walked back to the daycare as fast as I could (I arrived back there at around 10.30), but realized she was with a guest (somebody who was going to fix some things in the daycare), so I had to wait. By the time we finished signing the papers, it was already 10.45, so I had to half-run to the employment office when it was -20'C outside (beautiful sunny day, though) and I was out of breath in no time 'coz it's harder to breathe when it's that cold outside...managed to get inside the employment office at 10.55. PHEW!!!

So all the paperwork is done and I can start right away on Monday as a helper there. I saw plenty of kids in the classroom where I'd be helping out today and I even saw one of them crying (they're not too small kids, probably around 5-6 years old) he he he I think it's gonna be hard work, which is good 'coz then I won't be bored. We'll see how I fare in helping kids in a Finnish environment he he...I'm sure there are SO many things to learn, 'coz I haven't got my own kids PLUS I don't know the "things" or "clothes" kids use/play with or wear here - of course I've seen the ads and I've seen kids, but I've got to help them put them on and take them off and stuff and it's gonna be interesting hi hi hi hi...

One thing I've gotta remember is to tell my immediate superior (and the employment office) about our 1-week April trip. I tried telling it to the boss today, but she told me to tell my immediate superior later on 'coz I guess she's the one in charge of the workers' schedule daily.'s good to have something to do for the next 3 months.

I went to the supermarket from the employment office and walked home and arrived back home at around 11.45. Now gonna have lunch and perhaps later on I'll bake something and then I'll surely blog-hop he he...


  1. Congratulations! I hope you'll enjoy the new job :) Btw I can't believe you just walk around in such low temperatures, it's a bit above zero in here, but really rainy, I swear my hands turned blue when I was running my errands this morning...

  2. Bitter Chocolate: THANKS! Challenge up for me in a new working environment for at least 3 months he he...Well, walking is better than cycling when it's so cold outside 'coz I run out of breath too easily and I have to stop a lot if I go by bike. As long as I wear the right kind of clothes and woolen cap and my warmest pair of gloves, I'll be fine. Besides, by walking I get warmer anyway after some time he he...

  3. YAY!!! Congratulations!!! Soooo happy for you. =)

  4. Congrats on your new job! I did afterschool care and subbing in schools for years. You will be tired and sleep very well each night! I had to say hi (you visited my blog The Best Seat in the House) because my hubby lived in Finland for two years. We make the yummy Finnish food, and I try to say a few words (very poorly!) Some day he hopes to visit again. Sounds VERY cold but beautiful! Have a great first day at work!

  5. congrats for your training for next Monday, Amel.

    Kalau disini, anak2 dibawah 4 thn harus sdh bisa pake baju, jas, dll sendiri tanpa dibantu. Nah, Jason belum bisa pake Jas dan kancingin celana panjang tuh sampe skrg. Untung masih ada bbrp bulan sblm dia sekolah.

  6. Shinta: THANKS! :-D

    Anonamom: THANKS for dropping by. So your hubby lived in Finland for 2 years? Ahhh...interesting he he...hope he can visit this country again someday. It's not cold all year round he he he...

    Jul: Oh, gitu yah...aku ga tau kalo di sini sebab kan ga ada pengalaman sama sekali...ternyata anak2 yang bakal aku bantu umur 4-5 taun. Kemaren sih aku liat mereka lagi mau pake baju, jaket dll sendiri tapi ga tau kali ada yang masih perlu dibantu juga he he...

    Lu: THANkS! :-D

  7. I am so glad for you that the daycare situation worked out! I am sure you will take it all in your stride...

    just think how good your finnish is going to be after this!

  8. You'll love this job cos it is joyful working with kids!