Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yahoo Spammy Update

After sending an apology email to everybody in my yahoo address book today, I received a reply from one of them, who stated that she had the same problem a few weeks ago. She changed her password the day she found out about the problem and then about a week after that, Yahoo asked her to change her password again and there hasn't been any more problems so far.

I've changed my password and deleted everybody in my address book (after making a copy in my HD). I don't want to have to delete my yahoo account if I don't have to 'coz I've got plenty of important things stored there, but do let me know if any of you receive any more spam emails later on, OK?

However, I'm not going to link my yahoo mailbox to my blogs for some time, until I know that everything's OK. Anyway, I'll blog-hop sometime this week. Today R2 and I cleaned up the snow in the yard and R2 cleaned some snow from our roof. I took some pics and short video clips of him up on the roof, but I'll share with you later he he...


  1. Yikes, hope it won't happen anymore. I have an account on yahoo too, and though I don't use it much anymore, I can't really delete it since my blog is registered under it and I can't seem to change that...

  2. Bitter Chocolate: Oh yeah, you're right...I forgot that I had to sign in blogger with that yahoo account he he...