Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bloody Hacker!

This morning after cleaning up the snow in the yard, I checked my computer and realized that some people have sent me emails concerning spam mails they got from my yahoo email address. I just want to know that I NEVER sent those emails.

I APOLOGIZE to everybody who's ever received spam mails from me. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this and I've changed all my blog settings so that the email address is no longer my yahoo address. For the time being, just disregard any emails from my yahoo address, esp. the ones with no subject line.

I'm really PISSED!!! I'm thinking of deleting all the people in my yahoo contact list (I've changed the password for that email address), but first I need to write all of them down just in case I need any. THANK YOU for your understanding.


  1. Never mind, Amel. I get spam all the time, and I guessed it wasn't you who had sent me that one, It didn't look like anything you would send :)

    Happy rest of Sunday!

  2. Rita: THANKS! I just felt VERY violated 'coz somebody used my email addy to send spam. Ugh...

  3. I just read this out to Mark and he said.. 'Oh, was that who it was? I got one of them earlier... and I thought...oh WTF.. more porn>>>>DELETE!' So, he never read it anyway. :D

  4. Mrs. Rainbow: Yep...that was what it was. I think some of them got a link about some medication.