Thursday, February 25, 2010

Psyching Up

Tomorrow is the dreaded interview day. I'm excited, but also getting giddy with the anticipation ha ha ha ha...I hope tomorrow morning comes ASAP so that I know what's going to happen next. Mind you that I'm NOT applying for a real job, so I'll just be helping out in the daycare if they decide to take me in - meaning I ain't gonna get any salary, but I'll get some money from the government.

Last night I had a talk with a friend who's out of her comfort zone - she quit her job after being there for 9 years and now she wants to try applying to be a teacher. She's never done that before and she's like a fish out of water, esp. when she realized that some teachers in the school had studied abroad and some of them are even native speakers. While talking to her, I realized this:

"Wouldn't it be MUCH better if we treat ourselves like we treat our best friends?"

While talking to this friend last night, I realized that we have the tendency to downplay our own abilities or even our own potential due to FEAR. We fear the unknown, we are afraid of looking like fools in a new environment where we don't know how well we can handle the pressure/challenges 'coz we have never been there. If I tell her about my insecurities, she'll tell me about the good sides I have to encourage me and if she tells me about her insecurities, I'll also do the same thing...but when do we become our own best friend? When do we pat ourselves on the back and inject ourselves with good, positive thoughts when we jump into an unknown zone? When do we stop making excuses about our lack of abilities and just DO IT?

Another thing I realize during our chat was that we sometimes care too much about what other people think and that puts a HUGE burden on our backs already EVEN before we try doing something new.

It's easy for us to be intimidated when we're in a new place and we look around the place and we see other people shining like "diamonds" and we feel so dirty, grimy, lackluster and we wonder if we can shine at all. I want to STOP feeling intimidated and just DO IT. I want to
STOP comparing myself with others and if I'm given a chance to try, I want to just DO IT and see how far I can go. If I find myself not liking that particular field and not being good at it, at least I know that it's not where I belong and I can just try to find something else which would be more suitable for me.

I WANT to STOP making excuses for myself. I want to give myself a break for being a novice, for not knowing anything much, for making mistakes. I want to treat myself like I treat my own best friend. I want to give myself a pat on the back simply for trying and smile at my own reflection. You go, girl!!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow!

    I always believe things happen for a reason, I have seen it over and over, if one door closes another one opens.

    You go girl!

  2. Lu: THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! :-D Well, my problem here in this new country is that I'm not sure yet what I want to do career-wise, so I have to try different things first he he...

  3. Wow, that's an excellent approach! I should try it too... I'm the same, I'm my own worst obstacle. Good luck with the interview, I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. Bitter Chocolate: I think most of us have been our own worst obstacles at times he he...THANK YOU for your support anyway! :-D

  5. Yea trying different things and seeing what's out there seems like a good plan :)

    You first have to see the bigger picture, and then make your move :P

  6. Lu: Yep, that's right. Btw, tried leaving comments in your blog today but didn't work. For some reason when the word verification came up, I just couldn't see where to type it up. Tried with both IE and Firefox and the same thing happened. Ugh...:-(((

  7. Mmm someone else had that problem today as well, but I think its fixed!

    Hope its working now.

  8. I would suggest really preparing for the interview. THere's certain questions that they will ask you, and you have to have a well-practiced answer for them. You should know them so well that they just flow off thet tongue.
    I would think they would ask you about your work background. Your strengths as a worker, possibly ask you your weaknesses. Those would all be questions I would be ready for.

  9. Yes, you go girl!

    You have been doing very well, really!

  10. Yes, you go girl!

    You have been doing very well, really!

  11. Good luck, Amel... although I'm sure you'll shine. ;-)

    I really wnjoyed your post - very true words and so true how we do those kind of "mind games" on ourselves that we'd never do to our friends or loved ones.

  12. Lu: Yep, glad the problem is fixed now. :-D

    ChicagoWing: THANKS for your tips. I prepared all those today but she didn't ask too many questions 'coz it's after all not for a real job he he...

    Blur Ting: THANK YOU!!! :-D

    Jul: THANKS! :-D

    Michelle: THANK YOU! Glad you enjoyed the post. :-D