Thursday, February 04, 2010


Yep, I've been MIA for a while. Busy moving and unpacking and rearranging stuff in our new place. We managed to play hide-and-seek accidentally a few times when we were running around and around in circles trying to find each other ha ha...

I've also been busy clearing up the snow from some parts of the yard every day 'coz it's snowed quite a lot since we moved here. It's a good exercise and I enjoyed it 'coz it gave me purpose - after all, I do have quite a lot of time to spend here.

So far we've also used the sauna twice - enjoying ourselves and relaxing in between the chaos and the messy rooms filled with cardboard boxes. We still haven't put on any dark curtain in our bedroom 'coz the one we had was too short - good thing the daylight here is still short, so we could sleep in peace in the dark HO HO HO HO HO...

Here're some pics of the house:

The living room:

The other part of the living room:

Our plain bedroom - no curtains yet:

The messy kitchen:

OK, that's all for now 'coz I've gotta find some curtains for the bedroom now ha ha...take care and I'll blog-hop sometime this week bit by bit.


  1. Am jealous of the snow. IDK if I could LIVE in snow but I enjoy visiting/vacationing to snowy places.

    The house is coming along. Keep at it...haha, who am I kidding? We moved in late August and still have boxes to unpack. :0 the horror!

    have a good one, Amel.


  2. Dana: I'd always wanted to live in a snowy place since I was a I'm living my dream hi hi...Hey, GOOD LUCK on unpacking yourself!!!

  3. Hey don't worry!
    Everything's gonna be fine. I am sure the excitement of packing and moving to your own house can not be compared with anything. Just enjoy your hide and seek and let us see your curtains. When you come back home and hanging your curtains i will be waving to you in front of your bedroom window :)
    Take it easy darling!

  4. your place looks great!!! I'm so happy for you!

  5. I am sure that your house is bigger than our :D Looks, great.

  6. Wow. What a pretty house! The inside is very plain, but that's perfect for you two to make it yours with your own colours and ideas. :-)

    HAPPY HOUSE wishes to you both. :-)

  7. AND... an award for you - whenever you have the time, ok?

  8. Oh wow. T would love a house like that! Nice

  9. WOW! House looks really nice, Mel!! Well done!! =) I love your kitchen!!

  10. I love the house! Especially the bedroom is beautiful!