Sunday, February 21, 2010

Freezing Weekend

This morning when R2 woke up, the temp. was -36'C but it's gone up to -26'C. The sun has been shining so beautifully this week, though, and we've got almost 9 hours of daylight already, so despite the freezing weather, it's been SO beautifully sunny and bright! ;-D

Yesterday as usual we went to my in-laws' and I brought a new pack of playing cards. You see, lately we've been playing a new card game which requires using the Jokers. However, 'coz we hadn't used them in other games, you could tell which the Jokers were among the other cards 'coz the back of those two cards still had very vivid colours compared to the others. That was why when I went to a bookstore the other day and saw some playing cards on a discount, I decided to buy a pack. The game became MUCH more interesting (and frustrating) 'coz it was MUCH harder for us to think of which tactics to use to win the game.

In the beginning of the game, BIL even accused me of having voodooed the cards or something HA HA HA HA HA HA...He even said he'd throw them away due to frustration hi hi...but in the end he said they were good cards and they made the game even harder to win. ;-D

Anyway, here are my weekend pics:

1st pic: LOVE it when the sun hits the treetops he he...

2nd pic: Bought three bulbs of tulips for MIL for Valentine's Day and yesterday I realized that they had bloomed, BUT I never thought they would be HUGE tulips he he...

3rd pic: The flowers from top.

4th pic: My tongue after eating berry dessert (blueberry, strawberry, and cloudberry)

5th pic: Due to the cold weather outside, the living room felt colder than normal, so R2 snuggled up on the sofa in his parents' house and covered himself with a blanket. I think he looks SO cute here he he...

I'll blog-hop later today or tomorrow. I have to think of some ideas to write again (to participate in another writing contest) and the deadline is the end of this week, so I have to move quickly HE HE HE HE HE...Hope everybody is enjoying themselves this weekend! Stay warm, people!


  1. Hey!! This is the first time you posted a picture of R2!! =) He looks cute all bundled up..hehe

  2. Wah, the tulips are fantastic! And my, it is so so cold there, I think I will stay in bed all day!

  3. Lovely tulips. Good luck for writing contest, Amel.

  4. @Shinta: Actually I did put his pics sometime, but I guess it's the first time you've seen it he he...

    @Blur Ting: Yeah, I was SO surprised to see them that huge...Staying in bed is really a good option hi hi...

    @Jul: Haven't written anything yet...I'm stuck hi hi...we'll see 'coz I still have a few days left.

  5. You look so cute with berry tongue, Mel