Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. Yesterday's intimate housewarming party with two friends was the first time I became a hostess in my own place (never had any before) he he...and it went well, though I was slightly worried about the food 'coz I had to time everything right so that everything I cooked was still warm (it was -32'C in the morning, though the temp. went up to -24'C during the day).

2. I got a special homemade housewarming gift. I'll take a pic of it later on when I've put it up. ;-D

3. Today was "our first time" in the sauna, if you know what I mean. *wink wink* Naughty naughty! ;-D

4. Lying down on the sofa with hubby after sauna (after hubby scrubbed my body with loofah and soap HO HO HO HO...).

5. MIL saying to me: "My little daughter, I'm glad you exist" and me saying to her back: "I'm also glad you exist."

6. Fresh orange that I ate after sauna (I got thirsty)...mmmm...

7. Kicking the ass of my own worst bully AKA myself before she can shoot me with negative phrases, sentences, adjectives.

8. 70% done reading a teenage novel (in Finnish). Only 30% left to go. YAAAAAAAYYY!!!!

9. Crispy spring rolls that I made today in the oven instead of deep-frying them (the first time I tried doing this, they wouldn't go crisp - I think 'coz the filling was too wet or something).

10. Knowing that some people are praying for me (close friends and blogger friends and some relatives).

11. I've got an interview for another training place (read: don't mistake this for a real job) coming up next Friday. WISH ME LUCK!!! I have NO experience whatsoever in this type of place (daycare), so I don't know what the boss is going to ask me...gasp...but at least this is something to look forward to he he...


  1. Amel!!

    I'm so happy that you are back.

    I've been meaning to ask you, "are you following the Winter Olympics at all? is R2 following them?" I ask this b/c Finland does pretty good in the Winter Olympics and I was just curious if they made a big deal out of it where you live.

  2. ChicagoWing: Sorry for not having replied the question. We don't really watch too much TV except for our fave series (and we don't subscribe to any newspaper) ha ha...but they do show the Winter Olympics games of course. I remember my in-laws watching them last Saturday. :-D

  3. I wish you good luck for next interview, Amel. Don't forget to write on your blog after interview hi hi hi hi...

  4. Wish you good good good luck Amel!!! Of course they should get you, otherwise they gonna lose such a good trainee :)

  5. You really enrich the life of your in-laws. It's good to be treasured and cherished.

  6. Hey Gorgeous!

    It is so good to have you back :D!

    I am rooting for you (you know that), thus I strongly believe that your interview will go just fine. You spoke of daycare: children?

    You re still on my prayers, and have a blessed weekend!


  7. Jul: I'll keep you updated! :-D THANKS for the support!

    Burcu: THANK YOUUUUU for your kind words!

    Blur Ting: THANKS for your kind words. My in-laws, esp. MIL, have also helped me A LOT in many things, esp. in making me feel at home in Finland.

    Max: Hi, Max, it's GOOD to be back he he...Yeah, I'm interested in working near children though I don't have any experience (I just thought it'd be good for my soul, 'coz we haven't succeeded in getting pregnant yet) he he...THANKS for your prayers! You too, have a blessed weekend! HUGS!!!

  8. In the sauna? Really? Hahaha =P Anyways....I'll pray re. your interview at the daycare. It sounds like a fun job, & I'm sure you'll be good at it too!
    Kudos to your MIL! She sounds like such a warm woman! (especially for a Scandinavian. hehe..).

  9. @Shinta: Really! :-D THANKS for the prayer and support. Yeah, MIL is a warm woman indeed he he...