Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cabin Trip Again #2 + Gardening Effort

Daylight time in Sodankylä: 20 hours and 50 minutes. The sun rises at 2.48 am and sets at 23.38.

Haven't had enough time to do things, 'coz yesterday was our Wii + sauna night and the other day I was busy "TRYING" to plant flowers in my garden. Fingers crossed that they'll grow and won't die 'coz of me he he he...

One thing I realized when I tried to plant the seeds was that it was SO hard to get rid of the old plants 'coz some of the roots were embedded so deep inside. It reminded me of how hard it is to break old habits - when the roots are already SO deep and wide and spreading, it's just not easy to pull out. Oh, and I just realized that gardening or doing gardening clean-up could be so relaxing. Amazing! ;-D

Anyway, here are some more pics from the cabin trip:

1st pic: Woke up on Saturday at around 10 am and took this pic:

A pic of the cabin from the back end:

We went a GREAT deal of time outside on my in-laws' swing set...enjoying the breeze and the sun he he...R2 went to sauna (again), but I didn't 'coz it was just WAY too hot (if there was no breeze, it felt like 30'C)!

Side note: After HOT HOT days since last Friday (daytime temperature is around 20-28'C), the weather report states that it's gonna be WAY cooler now - during the weekend the temperature will drop to below 10'C and it's gonna rain, so better enjoy the sun while it lasts!!!) ;-D

On the left patch I've planted two different packs of seeds - one was only a specific type of flower, whereas the other one was a mixture of flower seeds. Let's see what they are when they growwwww - I HOPE they grow well!

My MIL gave me these flowers to move to the garden patch, so we'll see how well they flourish. Grow, little ones, GROWWWWWWWWW!!!!

OK, now time for me to continue reading the Finnish novel I've neglected since last week he he he...I'll blog-hop later this weekend.


  1. Gardening is fun. Just like you, I have philosophical thoughts when growing plant :)

    What a nice picture of you and hubby smiling!

  2. Hey Amel,

    Gardening awakens philosophical thoughts in you: keep doing it :D.
    I am finger crossing so that your seeds will sprout :D.

    Girl, you look gorgeous! Your skin is beautiful - you are happy, eh?

    Have fun and keep smiling!

    Cheers and have a blessed weekend!

  3. Rita: Yeah, my first time having my own garden. :-D Glad you enjoyed the pics! :-D

    Max: THANKS for your compliment. Yeah, me happy! :-D You too, have a blessed weekend!