Monday, May 31, 2010

Lost and Found

Done with my training at the daycare. No tears, THANK GOD and THANK YOU all for your prayers! Well, it helped that the ones that were closer to me weren't there today - some of them have started their summer holidays already! I made chocolate pudding and vanilla sauce for the kids on Friday and today I made risoles for the grown-ups (I also brought some chili sauce for them to taste). Some of the kids and adults LOVED the chocolate pudding and sauce, but some kids weren't too fond of it hi hi...some of the adults also LOVED the risoles and chili sauce, but some thought the chili sauce was too hot for them (as what I had expected) ha ha ha ha ha...

The teacher then gave me a little gift (kuksa - click on the link to read it) and a LOVELY card made by the kids. Here are the pics: ---> (P.S. Kiitos means thank you)

What does this have to do with the title? Well, this morning I lost my spring pipo (woolen cap). I brought it just in case the wind got freezing cold. I put it inside my jacket's pocket and when I arrived at the daycare, I realized I had lost it. I must've dropped it somewhere along the way. I was determined to find it - knowing how it's like in Sodankylä - so I retraced my steps back on the way home and I FOUND IT!!! It was totally drenched 'coz hail came for a while today, but nobody had taken it HA HA HA HA HA HA...If this had happened in Indo, it would have DEFINITELY been taken by someone!!! I'm SO happy 'coz I don't need to buy another spring pipo 'coz it's my only one HE HE HE HE HE...

Anyway, here are some garden pics taken last Saturday.

First pic: The rose leaves are "up" from their winter sleep he he he...

And these two pics are the pics of the germinated seeds that I had planted there about two weeks ago. When will they get taller and taller, I wonder? I can't waitttt HA HA HA HA HA...

OK, now that I have plenty of time in my hand again, I can blog-hop more often, but before that I still have to learn how to plant more seeds and then I also have to do major spring cleaning - cleaning all the windows and stuff. :-D :-D :-D It's GREAT to have PLENTY of things to do and have the energy and health to do all of them! One thing that I must go back to, though - is keep practising Finnish (reading, writing, speaking, listening). Let's have a WONDERFUL summer then!!!


  1. Oh, congrats on completing your training! Nice little gift you got there. :-) I wonder when I can have more time to blog hop these days he he... Well, enjoy your free time, buddy! :-)

  2. Now, you have plenty time to do anything that you want. Enjoy your time. You have a green hand :D

  3. What a lovely gift and card. You must have made a good impression on them.
    I ber they loved your food.
    Congrats on finishing your training.
    Here's to a wonderful summer!

  4. I will pray and hope you find a good job after this. You are very qualified, just reading all your hard work and all the help and love you gave the kids, shows how well you will do if you get the chance.